Helping keep your enduro bike breathing clean air with Motorex filters and cleaners

Motorex might be famous for their oils and lubricants but did you know they supply a range of air filters off-road motorcycles?


Swiss oil and lubricant company, Motorex don’t just make oil you know. Their range of air filters to fit to most makes and models is perhaps a well-kept secret.

The Motorex range of off-road air filters are fit most of the motocross and enduro bikes and, combined with their Air Filter Cleaning Kit, make a great combo to add to your garage. 

The air filter line has been developed in the Motorex racing laboratory with the close collaboration with Twin Air – familiar at the least to many as an original fitment on many dirt bikes. 

The filters are built with two different Polyurethane foam layers to ensure maximum filtration with cells in the outer foam layer built to stop the thick dirt getting into the engine, acting as a pre filter. The second layer is a fine-pored, inner cell foam to trap the smaller dirt particles. 

Motorex filters come pre-oiled with Motorex’s Bio Power Air Filter Oil and ready to fit your machine and hit the track. 


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Complete the clean air package

We have plenty of experience using the Motorex Air Filter Cleaning Kit which, as it suggests, is the complete package when it comes to air filter care and maintenance.

This Kit contains everything you need to clean your filter: latex gloves, separate containers for cleaning and oiling a filter, cleaning fluid and the air filter oil. 

Everyone who owns a dirt-bike knows cleaning the air filter is one of the messiest but necessary maintenance jobs. For those of us who don’t have a fully functioning workshop facility, this kit ensures that you have a more controlled and less sticky place to do it, so you don’t have mess up your kitchen sink!


Motorex Airfilter Yamaha 560


Cost: Air filters from £14.32 

Motorex Air Filter Cleaning Kit $122.50 / £91.74 


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