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First look: Next generation Supertrax shock absorber from WP Suspension 

WP Suspension introduces next generation technology for dirt bikes with the new XACT and XPLOR Pro Supertrax shock absorber – XACT and XPLOR Pro forks also get upgraded in the 2019 WP Pro Components range. 


More confidence, improved feel for grip and less physical strain when riding. WP’s latest generation suspension technology carries plenty of promise for Enduro riders. Born out on factory race machines, the new WP XACT PRO 8950 shock with Supertrax technology is “the most competitive rear suspension on the market”, WP claims. 

WP XPLOR PRO 8950 HQV Enduro 560

Not just for those Pro-level riders, the new Supertrax shock is a completely new product and moves significantly forwards in terms of the mechanics inside a shock absorber from the previous generation and widely praised Trax system. 

Put simply the new Supertrax shock does everything internally and has separate high and low-speed rebound adjustment via a “Traction adjuster” (TXN) – the two adjusters on the lower foot of the shock.

WP XACT PRO 8950 TXN adjuster 560

Guaranteed controlled rebound damping

This next-gen technology uses an all-new oil-bypass system, which detects the speed of the spring in rebound and functions according to a defined speed rate. 

WP promises the net effect of this new technology is to offer significant benefits to the rider including: a smoother, more confident and comfortable ride with less physical strain. Who doesn’t want all of those things in one shock absorber? 

WP XACT PRO 7548 Compression adjuster 2

WP say the rider also senses more grip traction from the rear wheel and that means you can accelerate faster. We know the previous generation WP Trax and Cone Valve suspension did all this so to have significant improvement on that can only be a further step forward. 

The technology is all WP-generated and also introduces a linked damping system via that new TXN adjuster. WP says that, for the first time in a production rear suspension unit, the rebound characteristics can also be adjusted in high-speed damping situations.

WP XACT PRO 8950 PA Detail

WP XACT PRO 7548 fork and XPLOR PRO 7548 fork  

The new WP XACT Pro forks use the same technology as WP have used for a couple of years now but are re-developed to improve performance and keep in touch with the new Supertrax shock.

Famously the cone valving system offers virtually unlimited damping performance in the forks and an impressive solution to the conventional compromise between sufficient comfort and bottoming reserves. 

The Cone Valve technology inside the forks eliminates the compromise for vastly improved damping in any situation, reducing harshness, adding comfort and confidence also. 

For the new product generation, the piston also comes in a new design.

WP XPLOR PRO 7548 KTM HQV Enduro 1200

WP XACT Air Fork

Tipping the other side of the scales, the WP XACT PRO AER air forks remain within WP’s off-road suspension line-up. 

The “7748” specified XACT PRO front fork unites two of WP’s best technologies – the Cone Valve damping system and the AER spring system. The Cone Valve damping leg is an evolution of the traditional Cone Valve fork using two separate chambers for initial response options on the AER spring set-up. 

The AER technology saves up to one kilogramme over the sprung fork and is developed like the Cone Valve forks to have almost unlimited configurations. 

The latest generation design in the WP XACT PRO 7548, XPLOR PRO 7548 fork and XACT PRO 7448 AER Forks eliminates shims which means there is no loss of damping due to bent parts. The elimination of a sealing surface also guarantees only a minimum drop in pressure after the valve opens.

WP XACT PRO 7448 KTM HQV airfork 1200

New chrome-coated fork tubes

A dedicated, new hard-chromium coating on the inner tubes outperforms, WP says, similar suspension components in terms of minimizing friction. 

The new WP forks and shocks are available now for KTM and Husqvarna XC/MX adult ranges as well as Husqvarna’s Enduro range. The forks will also fit KTM Enduro bikes of course. At present they are not available for other brands of motorcycles but we can assume they will become available in time. 

 WP XACT PRO 7548 CAP 560

WP Factory Racing are said to be currently testing the Supertrax PDS shock to make the new Supertrax available for EXC models and although there is no plan for production at this point, we can make the assumption they wouldn’t be doing the R&D for no good reason.

We’re looking forward to testing the new kit asap.


Contact your local WP Authorized center for more information: wp-suspension.com


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