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First look: New Michelin Tracker off-road, all-terrain enduro tyre

Michelin launches new Tracker off road tyre aimed at off road riders looking for a general purpose, well-priced tyre for all riding conditions on the track and trail.


Michelin has launched a new broad application tyre to fit the needs of any rider, amateur, trail to rider, and deliver good grip any terrain, dirt, sand or mud. The Tracker has updates to tread pattern, construction and replaces the all-conquering AC10 tyre for the masses.

Michelin’s new Tracker in a nutshell:

  • A road-legal off road and enduro tyre for general purpose 
  • A direct replacement for the widely popular AC10 
  • Premium price point
  • New tread pattern optimises number of tread blocks/geometry ratio
  • 36 block tread pattern
  • Two-ply crown reduces weight but improves ride quality and comfort to boost cornering ability
  • Designed to work with Michelin Bib Mousses or inner tubes
Michelin TRACKER off road tyre Enduro21 560

The thinking behind Michelin’s new Tracker is to fit in just behind the competition-focused Enduro tyre and answer the needs of broader range of off road riders so if you ride enduro then you buy the Michelin Enduro medium, if you ride motocross you buy the Starcross and trail riders go for the Anakee.

But if you have a dirt bike and want something to use on trails with your friends one day, go to a practice track the next day, and then ride an Enduro on the weekend and don’t have the time, money or energy to keep changing tyres then the Tracker is the can-do tyre.

MIchelin Tracker set Enduro21 560

Michelin also say they paid special attention to the Tracker’s tread pattern and crown, which is been reinforced to handle the demands off-road riding. The new tread pattern consists of a 36 block tread pattern that Michelin claims improves handling and tyre life. 

Michelin TRacker Tyre sizes fitment guide Enduro21

The Tracker is not FIM-rated, so cannot be raced in events requiring that but they are road legal and bring a broader range of application than tyres designed with the FIM rating as a remit. But if you have an enduro of trail bike and hit sections of road and legal rights of way, this is always a point to consider. 

The blocks on the Tracker are designed to deliver better traction and braking performances and the tie bars that connect the blocks have been constructed with improved strength and resistance to impact. New, two-ply crown combines low weight, better precision and comfort when riding to make cornering easier. 




Cost: from around £80/$100 a set (check with your nearest dealer)

More information: Michelin.com





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