Oldrati triumphs at Italian ‘Assoluti’ Enduro Championship round 7

Thomas Oldrati takes the overall win at round seven of the Italian Enduro Championship from Matteo Cavallo – Freeman on the podium two weeks after shoulder surgery. 


The 2019 EnduroGP war of attrition spilled over into the hotly contested Italian Enduro Championship with Thomas Oldrati making the most and securing a victory in Crespano del Grappa, near Treviso.

Three Italian title contenders including World Champion, Steve Holcombe either did not start or retired. Italian 450 class title rivals Giacomo Redondi and Alex Salvini were both walking wounded at this round – Salvini making it to the final Enduro test of the day before his injured shoulder popped out once again and forced him to retire.

Meanwhile Brad Freeman, Italian Absolutes Championship leader, was back on a bike just over two weeks after having a badly broken collarbone plated.

Oldrati Assoluti Italiano Enduro 560

Honda Redmoto Racing’s Thomas Oldrati made hay while the sun shined and put together the winning result he’d been threatening all season. 150 competitors set off around the Grappa course which mioxed hard-pack Cross test with a slippery and rocky tests in the trees and hills. 

Oldrati looked at ease in the Venetian terrain and took the overall plus victory in both Cross test and Extreme tests classification – awarded for recording the fastest time of the day.

Thomas Oldrati: "What a race! I'm happy because working hard rewards and my results are the proof. I pushed from the first lap, slowing down only at the end of the day because I had a good advantage to manage. It was a great race and I would like to thank the whole team for the great job. I dedicate this success to my friend, Lorenzo, who unfortunately passed away a few days ago in a motorcycle accident”.

Cavallo Assoluti Italiano Enduro 560

Returning to the podium in second place was Sherco Factory Racing’s Matteo Cavallo who ranked as Oldrati’s main challenger for the overall and also for the 250 4T class.

The podium was completed by Beta Boano Team rider, Brad Freeman who arrived fresh from the shoulder operation after the fracture in the Greek GP. Freeman took third overall and left Treviso with the 24MX leader’s plate.

Freeman Assoluti Italiano Enduro 560

As for the walking wounded, Giacomo Redondi was forced to retire shortly after the start due to severe pain due to broken ribs also from the Greek GP. With the Husqvarna out rider, Alex Salvini had a good chance of pocketing the points in the 450 title race. But one lap from the end the dream vanished when Alex has to abandon the race because of his shoulder, which came out again in the final Enduro test.

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Campionato Italiano Assoluti overall standings (after round 7):

 Assoluti Italiano Enduro results
Verona Assoluti Italiano Enduro 560

Grappa Italian Championship class rankings in a nutshell:

  • Tommaso Montanari (KTM TNT Corse) wins the 125 class over Claudio Spanu (Husqvarna Osellini) and Jacopo Traini (Beta Diligenti).
  • In the 250 2T Maurizio Micheluz (Husqvarna Osellini) and Gianluca Martini (Beta) fought for the whole race with Micheluz winner by nine seconds on Martini, with Nicolò Mori (Beta Diligenti) occupying the third step of the podium. 
  • Strong round for Deny Philippaerts. The Beta Boano Team rider takes home another victory in the 300 class ahead of Manuel Monni (Beta Dilingenti) and Alessandro Battig (Gas Gas), detached by almost a minute and a half. 
  • With the main 450 class contenders out the race, Diego Nicoletti (Husqvarna Osellini) took the gold medal ahead of Nicolò Bruschi (Honda Redmoto) and Davide Soreca (Honda Redmoto). 
  • Andrea Verona (TM Racing) and Matteo Pavoni (Beta Boano) continue their race to win the Junior and Youth classes respectively. Verona is imposing on Emanuele Facchetti (Gas Gas) and Mirko Spandre (KTM), while Pavoni has the best of Manolo Morettini (KTM) and Simone Cristini (KTM). 
  • In the IMF Cup Riccardo Fabris (KTM TNT Corse) won by wide margin over Luca Filisetti (KTM) and Lorenzo Bernini (Husqvarna). 
  • Matteo Segantini (Husqvarna) won the 4T category by sixteen seconds over Giorgio Berri (Beta) andDiego Lupatini (Honda Redmoto).


Photo Credit: Italiano Enduro/G Chillemi + RedMoto Honda
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