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First look: Leatt 2020 Off-Road gear collection 

Leatt presents their new 2020 collection including a complete apparel range for enduro and off road disciplines. 


Leatt has released the details of its 2020 catalogue of enduro and off road gear. The South African brand’s new collection offers head-to-toe range of products for all moto and MTB disciplines and their full off road protection systems including the original neck brace technology.

The biggest changes for 2020 are the GPX 4.5 and 5.5 I.K.S pants which have all-new construction following continuous development with riders including Jonny Walker, Ryan Sipes and the F&H Racing Kawasaki MXGP Team.

Here’s what Leatt has to say about the new 2020 moto gear….

Leatt 2020 collection GPX 5.5 gearset Enduro21 1200


2020 GPX 5.5 I.K.S Pant features:

  • New Over 95% is ultra-light, durable Ripstop stretch
  • New Waist gripper system 
  • I.K.S - Internal Knee Brace System prevents knee brace wear and tear 
  • New Light and breathable construction |Laser-cut ventilation
  • New Full grain leather inner legs for bike grip|
  • New Multi-layer knee reinforcement Multi-row reinforced stitching

Built with a new lightweight and breathable “Ripstop” stretch material, the GPX 5.5 I.K.S pants promise high level comfort and feel. Together with the Full Grain Leather inner knee panel and the proven ‘Inner Knee Brace System’ (IKS) which they say delivers improved bike grip and wear resistance in those knee areas. They also include a rear waist gripper to keep them in place. 

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2020 GPX 4.5 Pant features:

  • New Heavy duty seat and reinforced knees
  • New Leather inner legs for bike grip 
  • New multilayer knee reinforcement
  • Pre-curved performance fit 
  • Light and breathable construction 
  • Ripstop stretch and X-Flow mesh panels

The 4.5 pants are also completely new for this year. “With a combination of Ripstop stretch material and X-Flow mesh panels it means they are by no means a typical entry level pair of pants” Leatt claims. A rear yoke and reinforced seat area along with leather inner knee panels are also included for better comfort, fit, bike feel and durability.  

Leatt 2020 GPX 4.5 gear 560

GPX Moto Jerseys 

Believing in if it works don’t change it Leatt has kept the 5.5 Ultraweld jersey unaltered for the last two years. The jersey keeps the amount of material in contact with the body to a minimum to achieve a better fit and ventilation. Built in flexible material it can be used with or without body armour underneath. 

The 4.5 Lite jersey has a more traditional fit while the 4.5 X-Flow is aimed to be used when the riding in hot temperatures.

 Leatt 2020 GPX helmet Sipes 560

GPX Moto Helmets

All the models, from the lowest priced GPX 3.5 to the carbon built GPX 6.5 feature the 360º Turbine Technology – Leatt’s unique take on rider head safety and protection. 

This system uses small turbine-shaped discs, made from an energy absorbing material, that move disperse energy in an impact and help reduce the risk of concussion up to a 30% and the rotational acceleration to the head and brain up to a 40% in a crash scenario. 

All Leatt’s helmets are available in ECE and DOT certification with a broad colour range that replicates the apparel line.

Leatt 2020 goggles gloves gillet Enduro21 560

GPX Moto Gloves 

All the Leatt gloves have been upgraded for this year, from the entry level 1.5 to the top of the range 4.5. 

The 4.5 and 3.5 gloves still using the “NanoGrip” palm material but now have a softer impact protection and an upgraded Velcro closure. 

The 2.5 gloves have also adopted the Velcro closure strap and use “MicroGrip” palm material alongside the 1.5 GripR gloves. The 2.5 Windblock gloves remain unchanged for this year but with 23 colours to choose from you have options!

Leatt 2020 enduro jacket rain Enduro21 560

Race Cover and Vests 

The Race Cover Jacket is made from a waterproof translucent material to keep you dry when riding under the rain. With large vent holes under the arm area it will also ensure good levels of breathability. 

The Race Vest and Race Vest Lite are focused on keeping you warm when you ride in cold conditions. The Race Vest has a specially tailored neck to ensure that part of the body doesn’t irritate and four pockets to keep your valuables close by.

The Race Vest Lite has similar features and is built in a lightweight four-way stretch material and has one pocket. 

Leatt 2020 kids range 560

GPX Moto Junior Collection

Leatt offers the younger riders the same designs from the adult range but with sizes adapted to fit every junior or mini ripper. 

The 3.5 gloves come with CE certification and protection in the knuckle area to keep the kids as safe as possible. 

Putting also a strong focus on the helmets Leatt offers the 3.5 and the 4.5 polymer build lids that also use the 360º Turbine Technology. 

Check the Leatt 2020 collection launch video:



2020 Leatt range pricing information: 

GPX Moto Helmet: from $179.99 - $499.99|€189.00 - €499.00|£135.00 £359.99

GPX Moto Jerseys: from $39.99 - $69.99|€42.99 - €69.99|£34.99 - £59.99

GPX Moto Pants: from $129.99 - $189.99|€129.00 - €199.00|£109.99 - £169.99

GPX Moto Gloves: from $26.99 - $56.99|€29.99 - €59.99|£24.99 - £49.99

Race Vest: $49.99|€49.99|£42.99. 

Race Vest Lite: £49.99|€49.99|£42.99

GPX Moto Junior Collection:

Jersey from $23.99 - $25.99|€24.99 - €27.99|£17.99 - £19.99

Pants from $64.99 - $84.99|€69.99 - €89.99|£49.99 - £64.99 

Gloves from $18.99 - $27.99|€19.99 - €29.99|£13.99 - £21.99 

Helmets from $149.99 - $179.99|€159.00 - 199.00|£110.00 - £149.00


More information including Leatt's neck and knee brace range: www.leatt.com




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