First look: XC Gear MAKO 360 handlebar clamps

Taking a closer look at the MAKO 360 anti-vibration handlebar clamp from XCGear.


XCGear’s MAKO 360 handlebar clamps are arguably one of the most under-the-radar products on the off road market at present. 

The simple clamp system is a straight swap for standard handlebar clamps across a wide range of enduro, off road and MX models which aims to reduce the vibrations and hits your hands, wrists and arms take from braking bumps, jumps, logs and rocks.

They say: the MAKO 360 is a revolutionary, “game-changing” way to mount handlebars on a motorcycle. The MAKO 360 allows cushioned travel in any direction or angle to which force is applied to the handlebars. In other words, it provides significant additional dampening in 360 degrees. The dampening is not mechanically limited to a single plane. It dampens in every direction, which provides a level of comfort like nothing before it.

XC Gear MAKO Bar clamp rside 560

We say: First up, yes, we know this is not a new product - though it hasn't been around that long. This is our first look, literally, at XCGear’s MAKO 360 clamps and as such the first time we have been able to get our hands on the USA-made product.

Used by a whole host of experienced off road riders including Ryan Sipes, Steward Baylor, Tayla Jones and the Gnarly Routes crew, we took that list as good recommendation the anti-vibration system was a serious product and not just a gimmick. 

Check Ryan Sipes’ review:


The MAKO 360 aims to eliminate the metal-to-metal contact between the handlebars and clamps and the rest of the bike so reducing vibration and stress to the rider’s hands. 

Some bikes vibrate more than others (and some of us are older and more worn-out than we were) so having the engineered polymers, sitting between the clamps and the perches, absorbs vibration and the claim is to reduce issues with hand grip fatigue, arm pump and overall fatigue while riding. The polymers are replaceable after 100/150 hours depending on your riding.

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Many people will also know the tingling feeling you can get in your hands with certain bikes or over long riding periods. The MAKO 360 aims to eliminate that as well as improve comfort and allow you to hit obstacles harder. In turn XCGear claim you can adjust your suspension more aggressively.

At first contact it is a well-manufactured product with a quality finish – the main component being anodised (different colour options are available). The instructions are simple and fitting was easy – just a straight swap and just a small range of tools needed including a torque wrench.

The set you see is fitted to our long term test mule, Husqvarna FE350 so the plan is very much to get out in the woods and test it. We’ll let you know who they feel in a test report further down the line. 

Cost: $399.99 (for standard model, other models available)





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