Josep Garcia showing even the world's best enduro riders crash sometimes – onboard video from Spanish Enduro Fiesta, Enduroc 2019 where Garcia takes overall win ahead of Kirian Mirabet.


The annual Grand Fiesta of Spanish Enduro at Les Comes is a season closer for many Spanish riders bringing out the great and the good to race alongside the amateurs and even former MotoGP rider, Carlos Checa. 

Josep Garcia shows how those logs can catch even the best out sometimes. Check out his carve through the field though to take this win. We reckon he goes from about 15th to first in a dozen corners. 

In the main event Josep Garcia took the overall from Kirian Mirabet with Pau Tomas third. Among the list of names competing were Ivan Cervantes, finishing fifth overall and former World Superbike champion and MotoGP rider, Carlos Checa.

Speaking about his final race of 2019, Garcia said: “I was super happy to compete at home again in front of my fans. Yesterday (Saturday’s prologue race) I did not get too good a start in the Superpole, but the feelings were very good. 

“Today I got a rather better start. However, before entering the forest, I had a fall and I was forced to fight back from fifth place to become leader again. A position that I did not let go of despite the fact that the handlebars were bent and I had to refuel, unlike other riders. 

“I am very happy with this victory. I maintained a fast, constant pace, avoiding risks. Now it's time to get some rest and get back energy for next year.”

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Photo Credit: Nicki Martinez
Video Credit: Jaume Soler Movies 
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