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First look: Enduristan 25 Rucksack

First look at new Swiss-made Enduristan 25 litre Off Road and Adventure motorcycle backpack with Hydrapak.


The range of backpacks, rucksacks and hydration packs in the off road market is as long as it is broad. There’s something for every need, right? From tiny packs for sprint racing to full-on backpacks for riding round the world.

The new Enduristan 25 Rucksack falls up the scale, at 25 litres claimed capacity and fully loaded with ample padding on the straps and pockets for days, it is functional and 100% waterproof.

Enduristan 25 Backpack hydrapack 560

They say: The Hurricane 25 is not just comfortable due its fully adjustable padded harness and hip belt but also fully waterproof and ample big enough to take everything you need with you. With features including a special zipper pocket for your sunglasses at the top and a zipper pocket for your – sometimes dirty – tools on the bottom everything can be organised and quickly accessed. Our Tool Pack fits this pocket perfectly too.

Enduristan 25 Rucksack Features:

  • Fully adjustable padded harness
  • Adjustable padded hip belt with straps 
  • Waterproof outside zipper pocket for glasses, tools etc
  • Outside heavy-duty mesh pocket with Velcro lock
  • Elasticated net storage
  • Cargo loops to attach additional gear
  • Separate pouch for three litre Hydrapak
  • Two stow-away bottle pouches
  • Velcro section for individual patches
  • Additional strap to attach a XS Base Pack
  • Reflective prints for better visibility (front and back)
  • Inside padded sleeve for small laptop or tablet
  • Inside document pouch with pen holders, zipper pocket and key ring
  • Washable and easy to clean
Enduristan 25 Backpack tool pocket 560

We say: Boxfresh, the Enduristan backpack arrives packed with features and a quality feel to get our fingers into. It is relatively stiff (for a soft bag) to handle from the outset due to the waterproof material construction – generally it has the look and feel of those roll bags you might know from kayaking trips (just as a guide). 

The other immediately apparent point to make is how functional the bag is. The various-sized pockets and compartments for different functions like tool stowage, mesh stowaway with Velcro security tab and the waterproof zips across all main compartments are all positives. 

Enduristan 25 Backpack open 560

Having secure and waterproof pockets to keep items like a passport, wallet or phone and charger are a plus if you're planning hours not minutes on the bike. The first job we got on with was adding some of the included silicone grease to the zips as recommended.

The 25litre bag we opted for is approximately 30cm wide and 50cm long, so on the large side for ridingenduro bikes and not something we would use for racing, naturally. The plan is to test this backpack trail riding as well as off the bike. 

We opted for the extra, three-litre Hydrapack which flops in between the soft shoulder and back padding but body side of the main bag itself. 

Enduristan 25 Backpack waterproof pocket 560

Many of the parts including clip-together strapping are replaceable and there is a repair kit available if you tear the luggage – you’ll have to try hard though because this is tough stuff. 

We’ve also got one of the tool pack rolls to test along with the bag. It’s a roll-style tool storage pack as designed and tested by Lyndon Poskitt on his global travels and rally races including the recent Africa Eco Race. 

Enduristan 25 Backpack toolroll 560

We’ll run a tested post on the backpack and tool roll in the future on Enduro21. 

Cost €190 + €40 for the Hydrapack

Tool roll pack €34

More information: Enduristan.com 

Photo Credit: Enduro21
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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester