We’re not a bad bunch us enduro lot. Proof we’re good Samaritans, we were pleased as punch to see a group of trail riders rescue a lost dog off some Welsh mountains.

Rob Morris of RM Trail Riding in Wales and Jamie Youel (who’s photo has gone viral) were out riding and found a dog lost high up in the hills. 

Caring for his well being, they wrapped him up in a jacket and carried him off the mountain before using good auld Facebook to reunite him with his owner.

Nice work guys, always great to see enduro represented great like this.

Jamie Youel posted this up on Facebook

“People moan about us off road bikers, but I bet the owners of this dog weren't moaning that we found him up in the hills in Wales in the middle of no where. Shitting himself. 

“One of lads stuffed him in his jacket and rode him to a local shop about 10 miles away, where later on after the help of Facebook he was reunited with his owner who'd lost him earlier that day! Feel free to share this and raise awareness of how most bikers are top boys!”