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Nathan Watson bagged himself a double overall win with victory on day two at round one of the Italian Enduro Championships in Lignano.

Delivering the goods for the second time in a row, the enduro rookie proved he’s a fast learner but comfortably topping the standings by over 36 seconds.

With rain on day two making conditions much more difficult, resulting in organisers forced to cancel the final cross test, Watson didn’t let it faze him.

nathan watson Italian Enduro Round1 Lignano 4390 1080

Topping four of the day’s seven special tests, Watson pulled away from the pack in the second half of the day to take the win.

Behind Watson, Honda’s Davide Guarneri edged out Johnny Aubert (Beta) but one second to claim the runner-up result on the final test of the day.

Improving on his previous day’s result of 12th, Beta’s Alex Salvini was fourth while Husqvarna’s Pascal Rauchenecker completed the top five.

alex salvini Italian Enduro Round1 Lignano 2051 1080

The second day of the Italian Enduro Absolutes still carries the signature Della newcomer Nathan Watson that confirms the success of Day1. 

In the individual classes, the winners were Rudy Moroni (E1), Davide Guarneri (E2), Manuel Monni (E3), Giacomo Redondi (Junior) and Emanuele Facchetti (Youth).

In the Italian Cup the fastest were Alberto Capoferri (Cadets), David Beggs (Junior), Ivan Boezi (Senior) and Matteo Zoppas (Major). Peter Collovigh confirms Trophy winner Fiat Professional Six Days, thus gaining the head of the overall classification.

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