This past weekend was massive festival of extreme sports the Moscow City Games. On the territory of the largest in the capital the Luzhniki Stadium which was held Olympics in 1980 extensive reconstruction is underway. 

Grounds and parking had contained more than thirty thematic sports spots and about 150 thousand spectators. Moto stage presented FMX, Minimotard and EnduroX.

moscoww city games 2 1200

At the start of the final race Alexander Ivanyutin took the holeshot. with Maxim Nazarov close behind. 

David Leonov was the third off the start, but in the first corner he tangled with another rider slipping back to 14th. 

moscoww city games 6 1200

Launching a charge back through the pack, he managed to reach the second position, and gaining ground on Ivanutin who crashed on the large tyre jump. But a broken chain on lap nine ground him to a stop.

In the end, Ivanyutin finished first. Maxim Nazarov became the second. Artemy Nazarov after the battle with Alexander Luzhin and Igor Shirokov finished third.

moscoww city games 7 1200

moscoww city games 5 1200

MCG16 EnduroX Final Moto Results

1. Alexandeк Ivanyutin

2. Maxim Nazarov

3. Artemy Nazarov

4. Dmitry Shirokov

5. Alexandr Luzhin

6. Danila Mironov

7. Sergey Sterin

8. Denis Zolotov

9. Alexey Dronov

10. Oleg Sagnev

11. Timothy Demihov

12. Alexander Kononenko

13. Gennady Gennady

14. Ilya Malikov DNF

15. David Leonov DNF

16. Anton Barancheev DNS