Hot off his fourth straight TKO win, it’s now down to business for Cody Webb as he sets his sights on successfully defending his AMA EnduroCross Championship for the second time.

Delivering a near flawless performance at the Tennessee Knockout, Webb looked silky smooth and super confident as he steered his way to a very convincing victory. Together with that win and his Erzberg podium, momentum is right on his side as he gears up for endurocross battle.

With eight rounds in three months, Webb knows he’s got an intense few months ahead but he’s also got no intention of letting go of that #1 plate either…

cody.webb tko 2016 7M 9441 1200

Firstly, congrats Cody on getting your fourth straight TKO win!

Cody Webb: “Thanks! It definitely feels good to get that win. To have four wins at TKO is pretty cool.”

You looked flawless, even with the changeable weather. Did you even put a foot wrong?

“I had a great day, I hardly made a mistake to be honest. It was one of those days where it all came together. I was enjoying myself a lot out there. I felt so good on the bike - even in the rain - and I think that was a major factor in getting the win.” 

Really? Because it rained seriously hard during the day!

“Those rainstorms were some of the best riding. I’d never ridden in anything like that before. But it was raining so hard that it felt like riding in an Amazon rain forest. It was wild.”

cody.webb tko 2016 7M 9810 1200

I guess too the rain may have actually kept the rocks clean?

“It did, it actually gave them more grip. With the water running down the hills and trails so hard, it was washing them clean during the Knockout Races. When it stopped for the Knockout Final that’s when it was really difficult because things just got greasier and slippery with each passing lap.”

It seems like the TKO is really growing in strength. Jonny Walker came last year and Wade Young this year, is extreme enduro in the USA gaining momentum?

“It’s becoming that way. The TKO has grown more prestigious each year and extreme enduro is getting more popular. Just seeing how many people stood in the rain to watch shows that. Having Jonny at the TKO last year and then Wade this year was great. Also Red Bull were much more involved so it seems like there’s a good vibe building. I’m hoping the sport continues to grow and grow.”

As the first American to podium at Erzberg what was the reception like once you got home, did people sort of get the enormity of what you did?

“It’s been crazy actually. I wasn’t expecting the reception to be honest. I didn’t realise how many people were into it. Personally it was an honour to be the first American on the podium at Erzberg. Once I got home my phone didn’t stop ringing and I’ve done a lot of videos lately because of that.”

ktm tko 2016 7M 8926 1200

It’s down to business now for endurocross, as defending champion how are you feeling coming into Atlanta for round one?

“I feel ready. I’m looking forward to start out the championship strong. I’ve had a good “off season” and with my Erzberg and TKO results I hope to use that as momentum in Atlanta.”

You came within a whisker of winning the SuperEnduro title too so it’s got to give you extra confidence to make it three EnduroCross titles in a row?

“SuperEnduro was my first time on the four-stroke so I’m pleased to have a championship under my belt on the 250f. That’s going to help a lot. There’ll be a lot of strong guys. Colton Haaker and Taddy Blazusiak to name two. But I’ve won it twice already and I know if not for one DNF in SuperEnduro things could have been close there too so I’m feeling ready. I’ve got the #1 plate and I want to keep it!”