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As the new point’s leader of the SuperEnduro Junior World Championship, Blake Gutzeit’s ride to victory in Germany has earned him our Monday Shout Out nod of respect…

The Junior category in the SuperEnduro World Championship is generally wild and loose, edge-of-your-seat action. And this weekend’s race in Germany was of no exception. 

But admist the chaos emerged Blake Gutzeit — a rider of relative calm — who raced his way to his debut overall victory.

On the SuperEnduro circuit for the last two season, South African Gutzeit has often been found among the on-track carnage the Junior class regularly delivers. 

But since round one in Poland he’s been a different rider. And one who’s clearly raised his game.

Forced to cut short his 2016 campaign at the penultimate round in Prague due to a knee injury, Gutzeit has returned more focused, competent and calmer than ever. And as the new point’s leader, it’s clearly showing.

blake.gutzeit SuperEnduro Rnd2 2017 7M 4007 1200

Bagging his first heat win in Poland for second overall, Yamaha mounted Gutzeit went one place better in Riesa for the overall win.

Knowing that to finish first you’ve got to keep it on two wheels at all times, Gutzeit allowed the victory come to him. There was no panic in his eyes.

Winning heat one, working his way from near-last to second in heat two and then riding clear to a commanding 18-second margin of victory in heat three, gave Gutzeit that long awaited taste of glory.

Now suddenly 24 points ahead in the general classification, Gutzeit is sitting pretty as we head into the second half of the championship. 

Granted, there’s a long way still to go, but if he rides in Spain and France like he’s just done in Germany, then he’s going to be tough to beat.