The 10th annual Breakthrough Festival of extreme sports took place in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia.

The largest event dedicated to extreme sports gathered all the forces of Russian athletes and international legends in front of 18,000 spectators.

Stunt Riding, Drift, MTB / BMX Big Air, FMX, Snowmobile Freestyle — formed an unforgettable evening at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow. For the third consecutive year, the program of the festival was crowned by the EnduroX.

The peculiarity of the place was the absence of dirt, since the arena combines tracks and spots of different sports. But the organisers of EnduroX managed to collect a lot of technical elements, one of which was a drop from a large Soviet truck.


russia moscow breakthrough festival endurox 1


The most complicated element of the track was the logs laid out in the form of the inscription "ПРОРЫВ" (Breakthrough). 

Fresh off his SuperEnduro campaign, Husqvarna’s David Leonov managed to win both final races. 

The Nazarov brothers, Maxim and Artem were Leonov’s closest competition with Artem placing as runner-up. tried to competing with him. 

Alexey Filatov was very fast and took third. Maxim got stuck in the logs and eventually finished fourth.


russia moscow breakthrough festival endurox 2



2017 Breakthrough Fest EnduroX Results

1. David Leonov

2. Artem Nazarov

3. Alexey Filatov

4. Maxim Nazarov

5. Evgeny Mikhailov

6. Alexander Luzhin

7. Ilya Malikov

8. Alexey Dronov

9. Sergey Sterin

10. Danila Mironov

11. Ilya Tahistov

12. Denis Zolotov

13. Anton Baranchyev

14. Arseniy Galitsky

15. Gennady Zyryn

16. Kirill Gavrilov