Lets be honest, a full-bore endurocross track is a bit too much for most of us, right! So splitting it in half and running 50:50 endurocross and motocross is something we’ve been thinking about for a while now, and a couple of weeks ago Kevin Rookstool made that idea a reality with his Rookstool Enduro MX race in Oregon.

Kevin Rookstool has been racing every kind of offroad two wheeled event he can find for years. Then a idea starting forming about mixing different types of events into a hybrid Arenacrooss / Enduro X style course that would ensure the fans would be on the edge of their seats! Enjoy Kevin's first ever Enduro MX.

Ty Tremaine came out with victory in the event over Kyle Redmond and Max Gerston.

Colton Haaker was supposed to race but crashed his brains out when he came up short on a double jump after forgetting to put gas in his bike. Luckily he walked it off but had to sit out the race. Check out his vlog for the crash — pretty gnarly stuff!