KTM’s Cody Webb put in a stellar ride at round two of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship to claim the overall victory in Poland.

In the Prestige category it was another exciting night with a combative atmosphere amongst the riders, who were subject to many mistakes and falls, including a big pile-up at the start of the 2nd race. 

It was Cody WEBB (USA - KTM) who won on the night, although he was closely followed by reigning World Champion Colton HAAKER (USA - Husqvarna), who was disadvantaged during the third heat by a collision with his teammate. 

"It was not easy,” told Webb. “I learned from my mistake in the first moto in terms of my starting position. So I'm very happy with this end result!”


start SuperEnduro 2018 Rnd 2 3312 1600

Photo Credit: Robert Lynn

Billy BOLT (GB - Husqvarna) was third overall at the end of the races, but he was forced give his place to Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL - KTM), who benefitted from a revised penalty from the FIM. 

The Polish rider originally picked up a 20-second penalty for an unauthorised jump on the first lap, but this was later reduced to 10 seconds. A 3rd place which made a difference of 4 points.

As for the home favourite, Manuel LETTENBICHLER (D - KTM), he finished in 7th overall after losing ground in the heats despite initially making great starts.

Juniors: Home win for Gallas

Round two of the 2018 SuperEnduro season was a real success with the Riesa crowd, who cheered loudly for their German Junior rider Kevin GALLAS (D - Husqvarna), giving him an extra push all the way to the podium. 

Indeed, Kevin GALLAS, who had already proven himself in Poland where he was on great form, confirmed his early season performance tonight at home. 


gallas SuperEnduro 2018 Rnd 2 3211 1600

Photo Credit: Robert Lynn

Gaining the upper hand over his competitors, not only winning all 3 heats, but also finishing more than 20 points ahead of Kyle FLANAGAN (RSA - Yamaha) and Ignacio FERNANDEZ (E - Husqvarna), who tied for second place. The youngster dedicated this impressive home victory to his father, who recently passed away.

"I dedicate this victory to my father, who I know would be so proud of me right now. He died shortly before the event,” said Gallas. 

Certainly the most beautiful and emotional victory of his career, one which we hope will bring him many more happy moments.

Suffice to say that the crowd were full of pride, especially as Kevin GALLAS also took the lead in the SEWC Junior standings.


WhatsApp Image 2018 01 06 at 21.25.57

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi


GP Standing : 1. Cody WEBB 58pts ; 2. Colton HAAKER 45pts ; 3. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 43pts ; 4. Billy BOLT 39pts ; 5. Jonny WALKER 37pts ; 6. Alfredo GOMEZ 36pts; 7. Manuel LETTENBICHLER 27pts; 8. Cristobal GUERRERO 19pts; 9. Blake GUTZEIT 19pts; 10. Benjamin HERRERA 14pts...

Provisional Standing: 1. Cody WEBB 106pts; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 93pts ; 3. Billy BOLT 83pts ; 4. Colton HAAKER 80pts ; 5. Alfredo GOMEZ 74pts ; 6. Manuel LETTENBICHLER 70pts ; 7. Jonny WALKER 52pts ; 8. Danny MCCANNEY 46pts ; 9. Cristobal GUERRERO 32pts ; 10. Alex SALVINI 30pts…



GP Standing : 1. Kevin GALLAS 60pts ; 2. Ignacio FERNANDEZ 41pts ; 3. Kyle FLANAGAN 41pts ; 4. Diego HERRERA 37pts ; 5. William HOARE 31pts ; 6. Oskar KACZMARCZYK 30pts ; 7.Emil JUSZCZAK 26pts ; 8. Leon HENTSCHEL 26pts ; 9. Teodor KABAKCHIEV 23pts ; 10. Norbert Levente JOZSA 18pts…

Provisional Standing : 1. Kevin GALLAS 98pts ; 2. Kyle FLANAGAN 84pts ; 3. Ignacio FERNANDEZ 70pts ; 4. Diego HERRERA 69pts ; 5. Emil JUSZCZAK 67pts ; 6. William HOARE 63pts ; 7. Oskar KACZMARCZYK 62pts ; 8. Leon HENTSCHEL 59pts ; 9. Teodor KABAKCHIEV 43pts ; 10. Matteo CAVALLO 42pts…