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Preview: SuperEnduro 2020 Spanish GP – “time to get it done” says Walker

“We’re going to get it done” says Jonny Walker heading to round three of the 2020 SuperEnduro World Championship this weekend in A Coruña, Spain.


After two full-on rounds in Poland and Germany, the 2020 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship heads to A Coruña for the Spanish GP this weekend.

It is a weekend which could mark a turning point in the five-round series which has so far seen Billy Bolt and Taddy Blazusiak take an overall win apiece and shine brightest under the indoor lights. 

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The third round in Spain then is time to “get it done” says Jonny Walker who has signalled his return to indoor racing this season with blistering pace but a lack of top step results. 

A SuperPole victory in Riesa at round two, plus runner-up in Krakow show he has the single lap speed nailed. But by his own admission that speed has not converted into race results. 

A 4-4-4 result at round one was followed by 3-3-4 scorecard at round two, and with that a trip to the overall podium.

But is wasn’t enough for Walker who naturally feels he can topple the so far race-winning duo of Billy Bolt and Taddy Blazusiak.

“I feel this weekend we’re going to turn it around.” Walker explains. “I know I’ve got the speed, I’ve kind of always been like that, even in the past I had the speed but putting it into the race has been the hard thing.

“I’m looking forward to this one because it’s a new race and no one knows what it is going to be like. I’m hoping it’s going to be a fast track. I’m feeling confident. All I have to do is get a good start and then I feel like I can win.”

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“Billy and Taddy are riding solid and Gomez is always there” is Walker’s summary of his main rivals for the result in Spain.

Last time out in Germany, Blazusiak proved Walker right in that single fast laps don’t lead to race results. With three wins from three motos, Taddy played the smart game in Riesa: “The last round was one of those times where someone is really fast, Billy and Jonny in this case, but maybe the smart thing to do was to go 98% or 99%. 

“If you look at the times of the SuperPole race there were three tenths of a second between me and Jonny. Billy was pulling some super moves and taking some risky lines but I have been racing long enough to know that you aren’t going to be able to take them for every lap in the race.”

taddy.blazusiak SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 2 2373 560

For Billy Bolt the Riesa first moto saw him crash and hit his head pretty hard, affecting the rest of his night. Suffering from a sore head, Bolt also suffered some “whiskey throttle” moments…


It’s great to watch but Billy’s goal this weekend is for a return to the consistent form he showed in Poland and take back the leader’s red plate from Blazusiak.

Alfredo Gomez leads a whole heap of Spanish riders across all classes (including his sister, Sandra in the national races) hoping for some home support in Galicia. Gomez has battled for the third step of the overall podium so far this season and as Walker says above, he’s always there. 

The battle to be in the top five is a hot one in SuperEnduro 2020. Pol Tarres, Will Hoare, Blake Gutzeit, Kevin Gallas, Diogo Vieira and David Leonov have skills and pace but all need to nail down the consistent speed in the motos. 

pol.tarres SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 2 1466 560

Cullins’ Junior target

As the series promoters point out, the Junior category seemed open at the start of the season but after Germany two weeks ago, a hat-trick from Ty Cullins changed the game. 

The American leads the standings by 15 points from Leon Hentschel but the “rookie” (not in EnduroCross he isn’t!) proved his class at both rounds with speed to match half the Prestige class.

Behind Cullins and Hentschel, the Teodor Kabakchiev is the best of the rest after a good performance in Poland but Adrien Jacon, Isaac Devoulx and Tom Knight are among the riders easily capable of sticking in the results – they just need consistency.

ty.cullins SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 2 3495 560

Practical Info:

  • Coliseo da Coruna, A Coruña, Galicia
  • Saturday 18 January from 16:00 CET (Doors Open)
  • No live broadcast on Enduro-TV.com this weekend
  • Organisation: Moto Club Movete Na Moto
  • Schedule: Superpole followed by three races each for Prestige and Juniors, plus two national races 
  • Ticket Prices: From 20€

Full results live on Enduro21 on the night.


Photo Credit: Enduro21/Andrea Belluschi
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