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Notebook: what went down at SuperEnduro World Championship round 3, Spain

Notes, rider quotes and the best images from round three of the 2020 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship where Billy Bolt took a perfect points haul. 


“On another level” is a phrase we often hear banded around but on Saturday night in A Coruna, round three of the 2020 SuperEnduro World Championship, Billy Bolt surely did look to be playing a different game.

A perfect night of fastest lap in Superpole followed by three straight moto wins meant a maximum points haul for Billy who now leads the 2020 World Championship and takes back hold of the leader’s red plate. 

It was a display which perhaps Bolt didn’t expect – he has said the track in Germany probably should have suited him better. But the tight and technical conditions in the round of  Coruna coliseum produced a short, 40 second lap with no real straight sections and it proved a physical one. 

billy.bolt SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 2183 560

No question this sport needs a bit of muscle to get a bike hustling and the big boy Billy made that point loud and clear on the night: “As the night progressed, I adapted to the changing terrain and conditions. You needed to muscle the bike around in places, but at the same time be calm and patient. I did my best to avoid mistakes and take the opportunities when they came to me. It worked, especially with race three – that felt perfect. 

“Of course, there’s still a long way to go in the championship, we’re far from over, but to take maximum points and get the leader’s red plate back is fantastic.”  

billy.bolt SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 560

Blazusiak drops points

Despite having his worst result of the season (worst being a loose term for someone who finished third overall), Taddy Blazusiak sits second in the championship points just six points behind Bolt on 163.

“The track was the real decider tonight.” Explains Blazusiak. “It either worked for you or it tripped you up. You needed to let it come to you - in a way ride slow to go faster.” 

While race one went ok for Blazusiak the next two motos looked harder work and certainly wasn’t the usual Taddy: “In race two things sort of came undone and I made too many strange mistakes. It was the same in race three, too. 

“But I’m experienced enough not to dwell on it. There’s a lot of racing left to go in this championship and I’m looking forward to returning to the stadium in Budapest where I know I can show what I’m capable of.”

Don’t forget, just a couple of weeks ago Taddy did the same trick and took three moto wins in Germany at round two – this is still very much his championship to play for.

taddy.blazusiak SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 560

Championship Standings (After round 3 of 5):

  1. Billy Bolt, Husqvarna, 169pts 
  2. Taddy Blazusiak, KTM, 163pts 
  3. Jonny Walker, KTM, 136pts 
  4. Alfredo Gomez, Husqvarna, 126pts 
  5. Blake Gutzeit, Husqvarna, 78pts 
  6. Pol Tarres, Husqvarna, 78pts
  7. Kevin Gallas, Husqvarna, 59pts
  8. Tim Apolle, Sherco, 59pts
  9. William Hoare, KTM, 55 pts
  10. Emil Juszczak, Beta, 44pts
jonny.walker SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 560

Walker the stalker

Leading the applause for his rival and compatriot in the post-race press conference, Jonny Walker had a bigger smile on his face in Spain than we’ve seen all year indoors. 

Though he didn’t have the same grasp of the track as Bolt displayed, Walker showed more of the form we expect. The third moto was a strong one with an early lead before dropping a place when the relentless Bolt came past on lap four. But it was the middle moto with its reverse grid start that was perhaps Walker’s best result. Clawing back from a mid-pack position early on, the KTM pilot hounded Billy right to the finish.

Things are finally coming together indoors for Jonny this season: “I feel like I’m showing that I’m making steps forward with each round. I’m delighted with second and another visit to the podium. 

“On a tricky course I managed to get good starts and that made a big difference. I wasn’t always the fastest on the track, but I was consistently hitting my lines every lap, which was making things count. 

“Looking at my results as a whole, I’ve improved each time. Fourth in Poland, third in Germany and now second tonight, that gives me a lot of confidence heading into the next round.”

will.hoare SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 560

Behind Alfredo Gomez, who was a disappointed fourth on home soil, the best battles are unfolding this season between the list of riders from fifth to tenth in the championship: Blake Gutzeit, Pol Tarres, Kevin Gallas, Tim Apolle and Will Hoare. The truth is any one of about eight riders are capable of beating each other to the ‘best of the rest’ prize in any of the three motos at each round.

In Spain, Gutzeit bagged a final moto P4 to do himself no harm at all in the points and pull clear in fifth overall. Will Hoare brought consistency to the tough Spanish track – the Junior World Champion went home happy with P6 overall and his best rookie result in Prestige class. Still riding injured we are awaiting the best of Pol Tarres this season too but this five-rider block in the points is a tussle.

start SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 2506 560

What the hell happened in the Juniors? 

The Junior championship turned on its head in Coruna with championship leader way down the order and surrendering. His points lead while Teodor Kabachiev took the overall in some style.

Kabachiev sure made it his GP with a 2-1-2 scorecard to put his Bulgarian flag on the top step of the podium and a big celebration. He was the most consistent on a night when the track played a role in the results which saw Leon Hentschel take over the Junior championship lead. 

podium.junior SuperEnduro 2020 Rnd 3 560

That track sure caught out the otherwise standout performer in the Juniors, Ty Cullins. The American finished an uncharacteristic eighth overall with a 6-7-11 scorecard. 

We’re getting to the thick end of the series now with, as they say, everything very much to play for heading to Hungary and round four of five in two week’s time.

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Photo Credit: Enduro21/Andrea Belluschi
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