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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Using a tyre lever for a foot peg, we salute Italian rider Matteo Cavallo on claiming his best EnduroGP result of 2017 at the GP of Italy.

Flicking through our photo files from the EnduroGP of Italy, the prospect of what appeared to be a tyre lever sticking out of Boano Beta’s Matteo Cavallo’s bike caught our eye.

It was one of those “what the hell” moments as we zoomed right in on the image to confirm that yes, that’s a bloody tyre lever!

Getting on the phone to Italy, we gave Team Manager Jarno Boano a quick call to clarify…

“He broke the foot peg and support on a rock. So this was the only way to keep going before getting back to the paddock to fix it. 

“Team Boano and our riders never stop — there’s always a way!”


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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Carding an 8-2 result in Juniors in Italy — his best overall career result — you gotta love the fighting enduro spirit Cavallo and the team possess for not throwing in the towel.

And although Jarno didn’t confirm which day the foot peg drama happened, we like to think it was on the Sunday.

Good job guys, proof there is always a way!



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