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Securing 15 podium results and nine victories from 16 starts in Enduro 1 in 2015, this TM EN 250 FI is machine that delivered Eero Remes his first ever enduro world championship…

Probably one of the greatest assets about racing for a small factory like TM Racing is the ability to build a bike according to your needs. Joining TM in 2013, the very experienced and very fast Eero Remes spent the last two years developing a 250f that has finally seen him win his very first world crown.

As the only man to beat E1 champion Christophe Nambotin in 2014, the Finn grew even stronger this year. Working overtime during the offseason on TM’s radically new EN 250 FI, Remes claimed nine wins during his Enduro 1 championship winning campaign. In fact only once in 14 races did Remes slip outside the top two further displaying the consistency and reliability of both Remes and TM.

eero remes tm250f EWC 2015 Rnd 5 0555 1080

Catching up with Eero Remes after the EWC GP of France, the pint-sized Finn revealed all into how a tiny factory like TM Racing in Pesaro, Italy built a world championship winning machine like their EN 250 FI.

“It’s hard to believe but my bike is mostly a standard enduro bike that came off TM’s production line. The engine is enduro spec. Before the start of the championship we had the chance to test the motocross engine but I didn’t like it. Things like the gearbox, the CDI, even the injection mapping are from the standard enduro bike.”


eero remes TM250f 3 1200

The big changes for 2015

“The 2015 bike is completely new compared to the 2014 model so in the beginning we spent a lot of time testing. The 2015 model has a new frame, new geometry, new linkage and swinging arm. Most importantly, it’s got the fuel tank underneath the seat at the rear and the air filter is now at the front. All these changes give a completely different feeling. The weight distribution is radically new. The centre of gravity has moved a little bit lower and that makes the bike more maneuverable in the tight stuff.”


eero remes tm250f EWC 2015 Rnd 5 0615 1080

Cockpit & set up

“We’re using the standard triple clamps but we position them 5mm lower and bring the handlebar mounts 10mm further back. We also use a thinner seat and a modified swingarm that lowers the rear end by almost 10mm. As a small rider these changes make me feel more comfortable and offer more traction on the rear wheel. The lower seat height is also an advantage when I have to put both feet on the ground, like in extreme conditions.”


eero remes TM250f 1 1200


“TM has really worked a lot on their production engines during the last two years. The result is a great enduro engine with an amazing power delivery in the low and mid rpm range. KTM’s engine might have a bit more power in high rpm, but mine offers plenty of torque in low rpm. We’ve installed a straight silencer without an inside wall. The bike’s fuel injector is by Microtech but all other parts of the system along with the throttle body are made by TM themselves. More or less 75% of my bike’s parts are made inside our factory in Pesaro, Italy.”


eero remes tm250f EWC 2015 Rnd 5 0531 1080

Special touches

“I like to keep the standard hot start button bolted onto the clutch master cylinder. We’ve also got a two-map ignition switch on my Reikon handlebar. Map 1 is for full power and map 2 is for improved traction. What it actually does is to cut the rpm when needed. One of the biggest personal improvements is the gearing combo of the standard 13 tooth front sprocket with a 49 rear one instead of the standard 53. It might sound too much but it suits perfectly with my weight and makes the engine less aggressive. TM have also worked on a gear sensor and we can have a different map for every gear.”


eero remes TM250f 2 1200


“I don’t really like the feeling of having a bike just for jumps and motocross tests. My suspension settings give a good progressive feeling in all kinds of conditions. Based on TM’s standard KYB 48mm front fork and TM’s own rear shock we make some internal modifications. The 2015 shock is different than last year with it sitting in front of the fuel tank. We also use a different shock spring for my weight. With the rear end now sitting lower and having a progressive shock helps increase traction.”