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The first ever EnduroGP cross-country race at Hawkstone Park threw up new challenges for many with the need to increase fuel capacity, non more so than TM Racing’s Eero Remes.

With TM’s 250F fuel tank located underneath the seat and rear of the bike and its air filter where a traditional fuel tank normally resides, bolting on an oversized tank wasn’t an option.

Faced with the possibility of needing additional — and time consuming pit stops — the guys at TM opted for an ingenious Plan B!

Using a presumably hollowed out two-stroke exhaust silencer, they rigged up a secondary fuel tank mounted on the left hand side of the bike to replicate a cool looking twin pipe setup.

We’re guessing a lot of head scratching went on in the Italian factory in Persaro prior to Hawkstone Park, but you've got to hand it to them, they came up with a pretty unique and cool solution. 


TM Racing Eero Remes 250f fuel tank exhaust 1


TM Racing Eero Remes 250f fuel tank exhaust

Photo Credit: Daytona Motorsport