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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

It has been confirmed that Finnish classic enduro Päijänne will once again play host to the opening round of the EnduroGP World Championship.

The Päihänne, now gearing up for it’s 83rd edition next March, delivered a new and welcome start to this year’s series.

The combination of snow and ice together with the long single lap event covering about 14 special tests a day ensured a true enduro start to the season.

At a Finnish press conference on September 27 to promote the 2018 event, EnduroGP promoter Alain Blanchard confirmed that it would also form part of the 2018 EnduroGP series…

“This first year at Päitsi was a big test for everyone. Many riders and teams were unsure and did not know what to expect. 

“But at the end of the race, thanks to the professionalism of the HMK, they had been won over and they now agree that this race deserves a place in our championship.”

Representing the HMK organising club, Mauri Penttinen commented…

“This year, the World Championship gave us the boost we needed. We of course saw a lot more fans in the specials and the Finnish media responded, as did the international press. 

“With the EnduroGP, we had riders that we probably could never have had at the race before, such as Steve Holcombe and Matt Phillips. 

“Even the 2017 winner, Eero Remes, who is Finnish, had never participated in this race before. We believe of course that this association is beneficial for both parties.”

The opening round of the 2018 EnduroGP World Championship is scheduled to take place on March 17/18 at Lake Päijänne.