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The battle for the 2017 Enduro Junior World Championship was one for the ages.

Early season pace setter David Soreca led the championship right until the final round in Germany. 

Missing round one due to injury, Brad Freeman played catch up.

With a 44-point deficit to clear, the Boano Beta rider chipped away at Soreca’s lead.

Nine wins from 13 starts saw him overhaul Soreca by one point with one day remaining.

Setting up a showdown for the final day’s racing, it would be a winner-takes-all outcome between Freeman and Soreca.

Not without its drama, Freeman talks us through how he became the 2017 Enduro Junior World Champion…



“It doesn’t feel real. To say I’m a world champion, I don’t know, it’s crazy really!

“I knew I had to win and I had a perfect day going until the last two laps, pulling out about a 30-second gap. 

“Then in the enduro test, about three corners in, a stick hoped up and jammed my rear brake on.

“I didn’t know what to do — stop and pull it out or crack on? So I risked it. 

“When I got to the end of the test I had lost 15 seconds and the brake was steaming. 

“Then afterwards the brake went completely. I’d no oil or nothing to fix it on the road. 

“When I got to extreme test the only option I had was to give it a go. If I crashed then so be it. 

“That was probably the hardest test of my life, especially the downhills.

“I lost some more time and ended up with about a four-second lead going into final tests.

“I thought to myself 'this is my only shot at winning a world championship'. I told myself I either win this test or crash trying. 

“It was worth the risk. Somehow I went 25 seconds fastest than my previous test, yet with no rear brake.

“And I’m a world champion now.”



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Robert Lynn
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