Gas Gas are bringing their A-Game to 2018 EnduroGP with Christophe Nambotin and now Danny McCanney entering the fold.

After Gas Gas confirming Christophe Nambotin as their main guy in 2018 at the EICMA show, the addition of McCanney clearly shows they mean business of winning some championships next year.

Having parted ways this week with Husqvarna, McCanney returns to the team in which he won his Enduro Junior and SuperEnduro Junior World titles.

It’s believed he’ll race the EC 300 two-stroke, which has previously served him well in the past.

The team will be led by manager Gio Sala. Antoine Bassett — who missed 2017 due to injury — stays put for another season.

Johnny Aubert also joins Gas Gas but does so in a national and French classic role.

Jonathan Barragan will switch to rally and is scheduled to start the Dakar Rally with Gas Gas’ prototype rally bike next January.



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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor