2016 EnduroGP World Champion Matt Phillips has decided to remain in the series with Sherco for 2018.

Earlier this year Phillips had announced that he was leaving the Enduro World Championship — to either retire or race in Australia — having become disillusioned with racing in Europe.

Back then, Phillips told us

“The new class structure is killing the championship and hasn’t generated any extra public interest. There are less and less opportunities for private riders now — I know because many are my friends.

“When I first came to race in 2013 the world championship was amazing. Great venues, exciting racing and big numbers of riders and teams. 

“Every year since it's been getting somewhat smaller. Despite some amazing races over the last four years, I can still see a strain on the paddock.”

The return to three classes and an overall EnduroGP category for 2018 seems to have swayed Phillips to stay for at least another year.



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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor