Yamaha Racing Outsiders has created Team Spring Bike 69 as a support team and to race in the French National Championship.

In an attempt to boost Outsiders Team and Yamaha's presence, Team Spring Bike 69 will act as a support team and an extension of the official enduro team.

Named Team Spring Bike 69 Yamaha Racing Outsiders, the new team will field Jérémy Joly (E1), Patrick Thome (E1) and Mathieu Doveze (E2) in the French series.

Michel Saint Jean will act as team manager for Team Spring Bike 69 Yamaha Racing Outsiders, working with Outsiders Yamaha team manager, Marc Bourgeois supervising the new set-up.

For Marc Bourgeois the creation of a support team was a necessity: "I have been faced with a lot of requests from riders since the Outsiders Team was founded, and of course I had to make some choices that I did not enjoy up till now."


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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi


“The management of the main team with two pilots like Loïc and Jamie is very heavy, both in terms of financing and in terms of logistics, so I could not at that time make this happen.

“With Nicolas Desjouis though we have decided to set up a support team with the help of our historical partner, Spring Bike 69. Michel Saint Jean, for his part, contributed to the assembly by finding partners to help drive the project.

“I think everyone's goals are sensible. I hope Jeremy (Joly) will get a title in E1 and that Patrick (Thome) and Mathieu (Doveze) will manage to be on the podium E1 and E2 at the end of the season.”



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