Mathias Bellino back in EnduroGPs – former champ turns team manager for ORC Honda

Mathias Bellino will make his return to the EnduroGP and French Enduro paddocks in 2019 as team manager for Team ORC Honda. 


Former Enduro World Champion Bellino is set to manage a three-rider team heading for the French National Championship, with two young riders also making the step to Junior EnduroGP classes in 2019. 

Stepping back in with his former race team, ORC Honda, Bellino will oversee riders Alexis Beaud and Antoine Criq in EnduroGP Juniors and the French Championship where they will be joined by Johan Lafont. 

The 2019 EnduroGP season kicks off at the German Grand Prix March 22/24 and will be the first race for Beaud and Criq will race for ORC Honda. Beaud will compete in Junior 2 class on the CRF 300 RX and Criq in Junior 1 on the CRF 250 RX.

Lafont will join the two Junior riders for the French Championship, beginning in Saint Palais at the end of March, racing E2 class on the CRF 400 RX. Johan will also participate in the EnduroGP of France at the end of the year.

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Speaking about his new role and the upcoming season, Mathias Bellino says: “After my accident I was keen to continue my career in World Enduro – a place where I've built my life. When Yves Rodes offered me the job of Team Manager I didn't hesitate to accept. We now have three riders who I think have real potential and I intend to help them evolve and grow over the course of the races. 

“We will, of course, have the humility not to aim too high in a championship where most of the teams are already very well established. Alexis and Antoine will have to get used to the pace of the World Championship, but we hope to see them in the top five of their categories, which would be a great starting point this year with a view to building up to the top positions next year. 

“Yohan has the potential to seek out top three in the championship in France, as he proved at the end of last season. 

“I'd like to thank all the partners of the team for their involvement and help, beyond the functioning of the team their presence is a real asset in this challenge that represents my new life, and for that I am very grateful to them. We will do our best to make them proud.”

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Photo credit: Julian Suau
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