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EnduroGP season preview: 2019 bluffers guide to teams and riders

Get ready for this weekend’s opening round of the EnduroGP season in Germany with our bluffers guide to the major teams and riders in 2019 Enduro World Championship. 


Beta Factory Racing

Early season clues from the Italian and British Enduro Championship rounds which Holcombe has contested would suggest the reigning World Enduro Champion is every bit the man to beat again in 2019. Holcombe´s new teammate, the Chilean Benjamin Herrera, will be facing his first full Enduro GP season and is aiming to get some good results in the Enduro 2 class. 

Steve Holcombe Enduro3/Enduro GP | Beta Beta RR 300 

Benjamin Herrera Enduro2/Enduro GP | Beta RR 350 4T


 Steve Holcombe 2019 0608 560


Costa Ligure Beta Boano Racing

Brit Brad Freeman, who went on to win his first season in E1 straight after being crowned Junior Champion in 2017, will surely be a big threat to Holcombe's Enduro GP title. The added Italian talent to the team, Lorenzo Macoritto and Matteo Pavoni, will be all newcomers to the EnduroGP championship but they have already proved their talent finishing high in the rankings in last year´s European Enduro Championship. Thomas Marini is a newcomer also with a strong motocross background.

Brad Freeman Enduro1/EnduroGP | Beta RR 250

Thomas Marini Enduro Junior2 | Beta RR 300

Lorenzo Macoritto Enduro Junior1 | Beta RR 300

Matteo Pavoni Enduro Youth | Beta RR 125


Beta Boano riders 2019 Enduro21 560


Gas Gas Factory Team 

A slightly paired down team effort from Gas Gas factory this year sees a different line-up with the exception of the old hand and former World Champion, Christophe Nambotin. 

British Championship runner-up in 2018, Alex Snow, has switched manufacturer this season and also moves from a 250 four stroke to the EC 300 2T. van Oevelen is a strong move from Gas Gas in the Juniors.

Alex Snow Enduro1/Enduro GP | Gas Gas EC 250

Christophe Nambotin Enduro3/Enduro GP | Gas Gas EC 300

Matthew van Oevelen Enduro Junior1 | Gas Gas EC 250


enduro.junior EnduroGP 2019 Rnd1 0607 560


Honda Redmoto

The Italian importer for Honda, RedMoto Racing, has an almost unbelievable line-up with multiple teams to attack the EnduroGP championship – the red section of the GP paddock is looking strong this season. Alex Salvini is certainly always a man to watch and since switching back to Honda, where he won his world title in 2013, much is expected of the big man. The Italian contingent of Oldrati, Guarneri and Soreca are joined by Frenchman Christophe Charlier to the team makes it even stronger. More French riders fit into the Mathias Bellino run Honda ORC team and legend Antoine Meo will also race some selected GPs.


alex.salvini EnduroGP 2019 Rnd1 0296 560


S2 Motorsport Sembenini Honda-RedMoto

Alex Salvini Enduro2/EnduroGP| Honda CRF 450RX

Honda Redmoto World Enduro Team

Thomas Oldrati Enduro1 | Honda CRF 250RX 

Christophe Charlier Enduro2 | Honda CRF 450RX


Christophe Charlier Redmoto honda Enduro21 560


Honda RedMoto Lunigiana 

Davide Guarneri Enduro1 | Honda CRF 250RX

Davide Soreca Enduro2 | Honda CRF 300RX

Honda ORC

Alexis Beaud Enduro Junior2 | Honda CRF 300 RX

Antoine Criq Enduro Junior1 | Honda CRF 250 RX


 Team ORC Honda 2019 Bellino riders Enduro21 560


Johansson MPE Yamaha 

Having one of the fastest riders in the paddock, Eero Remes, under their wing means the new blue team completes a serious line-up across the different classes. Changing bikes for 2019, his second decade in the paddock, should have no effect of the Fin’s speed.  The Aussie Wil Ruprecht can be a rider to watch also, he raced last year’s final GP (also in Germany) and took the win on day one. 

Eero Remes Enduro2/EnduroGP | Yamaha WR300F 

Wil Ruprecht Enduro Junior1 | Yamaha WR250F

Alex Walton Enduro Junior1 | Yamaha WR250F

Priit Biene Enduro Junior | Yamaha WR450F

Marcus Adielsson Enduro Youth |Yamaha YZ 125

Hugo Svärd Enduro Youth |Yamaha YZ 125


eero.remes EnduroGP 2019 Rnd1 0352 560


Jolly Enduro Team

The Jolly Enduro Team one of the more experienced in the paddock. Last year’s Enduro Youth champion, Ruy Barbosa, makes the jump to Enduro Junior. Joe Wootton was third in last year´s Enduro Junior championship and he will jump into fighting with the big boys in the Enduro 2 class. One of those big boys is Giacomo Redondi who jumps onto the big bike slot in the team vacated by Salvini – though Redondi will contest every GP. 

Giacomo Redondi Enduro2/EnduroGP | Husqvarna FE 450

Ruy Barbosa Enduro Junior2 | Husqvarna FE 350

Joe Wootton Enduro2 | Husqvarna FE 350

Tomas Clemente Enduro Youth | KTM 125 XC-W


misc EnduroGP 2019 Rnd1 0068 560


TM Factory Racing

If the pre-season shake down at the hotly contested Italian Enduro Championship was anything to go by then this is looking like a good year for the small but focused Italian manufacturer. Switching from Yamaha and Gas Gas respectively, Loic Larrieu and Danny McCanney both stood on the podium twice at the Italian round. On day one Loic was on the top step too and both riders are clearly happy on their TM machines. 

Loic Larrieu Enduro2/EnduroGP | TM EN 300 4T

Danny McCanney Enduro3/EnduroGP | TM EN 300 2T

Andrea Verona Enduro Junior1 | TM EN CC 250 Fi


 Larrieu Italiano Assoluti 560


Sherco Racing Factory

The other blue team in the paddock, the CH Racing Sherco team, is just as focused on young talent this year in Enduro GP as it was last. The 2018 Junior Champion, Matteo Cavallo, was the big signing over winter and will challenge his mate, Brad Freeman in E1 class. Junior vice champion, Théo Espinasse, stands big chances of landing a championship but will have a battle with his team-mate Jack Edmondson. Dan Mundell will also be a strong contender for the Enduro Youth crown after being third last year. 

Matteo Cavallo Enduro1/Enduro GP | Sherco 250 SEF Factory

Théo Espinasse Enduro Junior 1 | Sherco 250 SEF Factory

Dan Mundell Enduro Youth | Sherco 125 SE-R 

Jack Edmondson Enduro Junior 1| Sherco 300 SEF Factory


NB - this is not every rider in the 2019 championship, just major contenders and for sure we’ll have riders proving us wrong. Think we missed you? Get in touch...


Photo credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi/Phil Hodges/Boano Beta/RedMoto Honda/G. Chillemi
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