Gas Gas sitting out Portuguese and Spanish EnduroGPs

The Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team is sitting out rounds two and three of the EnduroGP World Championship while the Girona-based company restructures – business as usual at dealers and national level.


Conspicuous by their absence at the Portuguese EnduroGP last weekend are the Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team and riders Christophe Nambotin and Alex Snow.

As we understand it a restructuring of the business is leading to possible redundancies and with that in mind, having an expensive Grand Prix race team competing on the world stage is not good for a complicated situation with local government and in Cataluyna and workers unions involved.

With the rejuvenation of Gas Gas over the last couple of years, and since the new models were developed and put into production, we understand there has always been the plan to have Gas Gas stand on its own feet again – seperate from parent company Torrot. 

Doing that, for now at least, means the Factory race team have been told to stay at home for fear of casting undue limelight on company spending until things are ironed out. A footnote to that is Gas Gas Enduro Team Junior rider, Mathew van Oevelen, did race in Portugal but not as a factory supported rider.

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At national level and in terms of dealers, bikes and parts supply it is business as usual – a batch of the new Ranger models are arriving in dealers around the globe as we type this and as a new everyman model in the line-up it stands to serve them well in the enduro range.  

In the UK for example, Gas Gas has a 50-strong line-up of supported riders currently camped in Fort William for the Scottish Six Days Trial. 

Gas Gas EnduroGP Factory rider, Christophe Nambotin was also on winning form in the French National Enduro Championship at Saint Jean d’Angely two weeks ago. 

We understand the factory riders Nambotin and Alex Snow will take part in the Trefle Lozerien French Classic Enduro, round two of the World Enduro Super Series, May 17-19. 

The Trefle, and likely any EnduroGPs in the near future, will be nationally supported rather than a Factory GasGas team participation.

It is a complicated situation and to be writing about Gas Gas in a negative way once more feels a shame. While it is also a big shame for the Factory riders right at this moment in the 2019 EnduroGP season, it seems this bigger picture move is another step in the process of rebuilding Gas Gas, not the other way around.

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