The third round of the EnduroGP arrives in Galicia, Spain, take a #TBT look back to 2012 when the Spanish GP was held in Munitibar and French riders dominated in the grass tests.


In 2012 the World Enduro Championship made its third stop in Spain and also saw the start of the Women’s World Championship that season. Just as it appears will be the case this coming weekend in Santiago de Compostela, competitors in 2012 faced wet and slippery conditions. 

The Enduro and Cross tests ran in grass test conditions which clearly suited the French riders Antoine Meo, Pela Renet, Christophe Nambotin and Mathias Bellino who all took class wins. If it wasn’t for Laia Sanz in Women’s class and Giacomo Redondi in the Youths, the French would have won the overall honours in every class. 


WEC GP of Spain 2012 in a nutshell:

  • All the winners from this round – Antoine Meo (E1), Pela Renet (E2), Christophe Nambotin (E3), Mathias Bellino (EJ), Giacomo Redondi (EY) and Laia Sanz (EW) – were crowned world champions by the end of the season. 
  • Another French rider and these days Outsiders Yamaha boss, Marc Bourgeois, won the Friday night prologue and continued with a second place on Saturday in E1. Unfortunately, on Sunday he crashed on the second lap. 
  • Antoine Meo continued his dominance in E1. On both days he was nearly one minute ahead of the second rider Simone Albergoni and left Spain with a 47-point lead. 
  • Ivan Cervantes entered his home round leading the E2 championship on a Gas Gas but the poor results and some crashes in tests resulted in him dropping back to third in the points.
  • Pela Renet did the contrary, he improved to take top spot both days and first place in the points standings in E2.
  • Cristobal Guerrero was the best Spanish rider during the weekend with a third on Saturday and second on Sunday in E2. 
  • Christophe Nambotin, riding a KTM, was on another level and went on to win both days in E3 with a clear margin over his rivals. 
  • David Knight, also in the Factory KTM team racing E3, was also having a good performance at the Spanish round with second and third place finishes. 
  • Joakim Ljunggren stole second place from the giant of the Isle of Man on Sunday. The Swede has always been fast on big bore four-strokes and in 2012 proved it with the Husaberg. 
  • Mathias Bellino, also racing on a Husaberg in the Junior class, found himself at home in the grass special tests and topped the podium on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Mario Roman was coming back from a knee injury and found himself struggling to get close to the podium spots. Despite the lack of physical condition he managed to be fifth on Saturday. 
  • Laia Sanz got her career first double win at her home GP. Riding for Gas Gas, Laia had to fight hard against team-mate Ludivine Puy for the win and eventually finished with a nine second lead thanks to her natural skills in the Extreme test.  


Photo credit: Future7Media/Jonty Edmunds
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