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Frenchman Jeremy Joly has been confirmed as Beta’s third factory rider for the 2017 EnduroGP World Championship.

Joly will form part of the three-man strong Betamotor team for 2017, alongside Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini.

With just two categories this year, Holcombe and Salvini will contest the EnduroGP class on a RR300 2T and RR350 4T respectively.

Replacing fellow countryman Johnny Aubert, Joly will race a 250-stroke in the revised-for-2017 Enduro 2 category.

Amalgamating E1 with E2, Enduro 2 is open for both two-stroke and four-stroke machinery up to 250cc. EnduroGP will be for machinery - two-stroke and four-stroke - 251cc and above.

Joly — 2011 Enduro Junior World champion — will also take part in the French Championship and the more prestigious “Classic” transalpine races together with his team-mates Swan Servajean, Pierre Vissac and Anthony Geslin.

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