Following the breaking news this morning that Mathias Bellino was injured in a training crash before the EnduroGP opener in Finland, the Husqvarna rider offers this update on his condition.

Bellino — 2016 EnduroGP vice-champion — crashed heavily on a rock during a routine shakedown session in Finland prior to the championship kicking off tomorrow.

His injuries are more serious that initially reported with the crash resulting in multiple fractures to his left shoulder blade (Scapula), three broken ribs and injured lung.



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Here’s the word from Bellino himself… 

“Hello everyone,

“You've probably more or less heard about the bad news ... I just wanted to add a little more detail.

I had a massive crash on a rock yesterday trying out my race bike. 

“I have got a bad broken scapula in a few pieces, 3 fractured ribs and a few lung contusions. I do not hide from you that I was in serious pain yesterday, it was a tough day. Plus the fact that the morale is obviously in the same condition as my scapula.

I just wanted to apologise to you all, but also be reassured that I will be back even stronger, as I have already done it in 2015. Thank you.”



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