The bikes are in and the EnduroGP season is about to begin. Here’s a rundown of calm before the storm in Finland.



endurogp finland enduro EWC 2017 Rnd 1 1200

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

We don’t understand much Finnish but that 1927 says a lot. One of the longest running enduro races on the planet, this will be the 82nd edition — missed a few due to world war. 


danny.mccanney husqvarna endurogp enduro 2017 Rnd 1 0470

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

As follow riders go, Danny McCanney has got a pretty damn good ‘un — Juha Salminen!


guerrero.brothers enduroGP finland 2017 Rnd 1 0494 1200

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

It’s great to see the Guerrero brothers Cristobal and Victor in the paddock. Effectively privateers for 2017 it’s been a sizeable effort for the Spaniards to prepare and get to Finland for the one-off winter enduro. Cristobal’s actually one of the few EnduroGP regulars that raced EnduroGP’s last winter enduro back in 2008 — also then with Yamaha.


matthew.phillips sherco enduro endurogp 2017 Rnd 1 0300

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

We’re guessing EnduroGP champ Matt Phillips ain’t raced in much snow during his lifetime given that he’s a Tassie and all that. Naturally nervous about venturing into tomorrow’s unknown, the EnduroGP champ will also start first on the road. 


josep.garcia endurogp finland 2017 Rnd 1 0659

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Josep Garcia nearly didn’t make the flight to Finland having just got the all clear from his doctor to race. Couple of weeks he was involved in a car crash so his preparation has been less than ideal.


steve.holcombe endurogp finland 2017 Rnd 1 0038

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Good to see Steve Holcombe ain’t lost that cheeky smile. Even as a world champ Holcombe always has time for a laugh and joke. But make no mistake when the goggles go on tomorrow he’s getting down to business. Happy, confident and up for it, he feels his preparation will pay off.


steve.holcombe beta endurogp enduro finland 2017 Rnd 1 0119

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

There’s all sorts of manner and mean of DIY mods to keep the snow out — especially where two strokes are concerned. The blue styrofoam looks a little rough and ready but hey, if it works who cares.


spiked enduro tyres endurogp finland 2017 Rnd 1 0609

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

The Finns and Scandinavians have a lifetime of spiked tyre riding under the belts. They know how to get the best out of them, how to make them last the 400 kilometre riders face tomorrow. Expect the home favourites like Eero Remes, Antti Hellsten and Henric Stigell to make some serious shapes.


christophe.charlier husqvarna endurogp enduro 2017 Rnd 1 0480

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

We’re sure Christophe Charlier will remember his EnduroGP. The former MXGP rider makes his enduro start with Husqvarna.


mickael.persson endurogp finland yamaha 2017 Rnd 1 0290

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

After a season in Enduro1, 125cc world champ Michael Persson drops to Juniors this year. The Swede is hoping to start his 2017 account with a win.


parc.ferme endurogp finland 2017 Rnd 1 0603

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Spot the bling. The parc ferme for 2017 is filled with a couple of new bikes, including Honda’s CRF450RX and Gas Gas’s EC250 Racing.


loic.larrieu yamaha endurogp enduro finland 2017 Rnd 1 1200

Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Along with spiked tyres, extra mods include widened mudguards and handguards, heated grips and levers and humped seats. 


endurogp finland schedule IMG 20170324 WA0009

Photo Credit: Jonty Edmunds/Future7Media

This is roughly what’s in store for us tomorrow. With 15 special tests we’ve got a lot to try and fit in.



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Robert Lynn