With Wade Young at the helm, Sherco are putting a serious effort into Hard Enduro for 2016. Already achieving notable and winning results, it’s clear they're off to a great start with the Sherco 250 SE-R Factory edition.

Easily standing out from the crowded paddocks of Austrian machinery, the French woods weapon is an eye catching head turner….

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3835 1200

For 2016 competition Wade has chosen the 250 SE-R Factory model over the 300. After initial testing on the 300, he felt the power delivery was too aggressive for his style of riding. Better suited to the 250, the power delivery is smoother and more linear. They’re currently working on increasing the torque in the bottom end. 

It’s got a stock six-speed gearbox, while gearing is 13 front sprocket and 51 rear. Completing the engine setup is a FMF Gold series gnarly front pipe mated with a Powercore 2 silencer.

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3761 1 1200

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3761 2 1200

Suspension wise and Sherco stick with WP. Held in blue anodised Xtrig triple clamps are a set of 48mm forks and a WP Traxx shock is fitted to the rear. Wade sets his suspension stiffer than guys like Graham Jarvis or Alfredo Gomez. More of an in between setting, he finds it works best for him over the fast and slow stuff.

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3761 5 1200

Wade runs Mitas Tyres on his Sherco. For general Hard Enduro use, he opts for the double green stripe but if the terrain is faster and more motocross like he’ll use the single green strip compound. Mitas are planning a new compound shortly, the red stripe, which he plans to switch too.

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3761 3 1200

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3761 4 1200

Naturally beefing your bike up is part of the game for Hard Enduro. AXP Racing sump, radiator and rear disc guards keep the majority of things in check. The front disc is protected by a carbon fibre cover, a radiator fan helps keep things cool and Blackbird pull straps are fitted front and rear.

sherco 250 2t 2016 7M 3773 1200