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Still buzzing from the GetenRodeo, we felt that Monday’s Shout Out deservedly goes to those who put in the countless hours of manpower to make it happen…

All too often the work of event organisers goes unacknowledged. Riders tend to groan and moan if something wasn’t to their liking and rarely pat them on the back if it’s been a race of note.

It’s something I guess we’re all guilty of some time or another — human nature really. 

So this Monday Shout Out, while highlighting those responsible for the magnificent GetzenRodeo, is also indirectly made to the many volunteers and helpers who’ve hammered a track post, taped countless miles of track tape and dealt seamlessly with tempers and tantrums that came their way, all for the love of enduro. 

Because without you guys, we got nothing.

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This was my [Robert] first trip to the GetzenRodeo. Jonty made the journey over to Greissbach in Germany back in 2014 and has been raving about it ever since. And this weekend it certainly lived up to his hype.

Staged every two years, a tiny plot of German woodland comes alive to extreme enduro. From early March, organisers of the GetzenRodeo were busy prepping the forest, marking out the trails, building timing huts, food stalls and routing speaker cables high up in the trees for the race day commentary, while on race weekend the paddock hosted a very sizeable beer tent. 

The 40 riders invited to race were given a free entry and on Friday evening during the briefing treated to banquet of food and drink. 

Then with the beer tent filling up, each and every competitor about to take on the GetzenRodeo was celebrated during the rider’s presentation before the live band jammed away into the early hours of the morning.

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Come race day and the forest quickly filled up with over 10,000 passionate and enduro hungry race fans. It was an atmosphere that was pretty cool to see. Each signature section was lined 10-deep with echoes of their cheers and admiration reverberating throughout the woodland. 

While enduro is only small sport in the grand scheme of things, it’s days like the GetzenRodeo that make you proud of what we’ve got. And the reason why guys like Graham Jarvis want to come back time and time again.

So we salute you guys for making the GetzenRodeo happen and are already counting down the days until 2018’s race day when we can do it all over again.

Believe the GetzenRodeo hype…

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