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In a race he’d yet to win, Graham Jarvis finally ticked an Alestrem victory off his to-do list in a ride that’s more than worthy of a Monday Shout Out…

Due to the result of an unscheduled five-hour layover in UK’s finest Gatwick airport — because of some bloody freezing fog — I’m sat in a burger joint trying to conjure up some fresh superlatives to describe yet another awesome winning performance by Graham Jarvis.

But to be honest I’m kinda knackered after running around some French mountains for the past few days. My legs are tired, shoulders slumped and my potato-loving brain is mash. 

And then I try to imagine how Graham is feeling today because if I feel this tired from holding a camera, the effects of actually racing Alestrem must be on another level.

“Bloody shattered”, I’m guessing would be his answer to my pondering. And rightly so. 

Seven hours of non-stop hauling an enduro bike around some hellish French terrain would do that to anyone — let alone the winner, who just happens to be closing in on his 42nd birthday.

As good as Graham is on a bike — and he’s great — what he achieved yesterday is nothing short of incomprehensible. He gave the world’s best hard enduro riders a thorough schooling again.

Guys that are on average 15 years his junior, potentially twice as fit and ache much-less in the mornings, were given another first-hand lesson is how it’s done. 

But it’s the frequency in which he does it now that almost makes it mundane. However, there was nothing mundane about the graft that went into making yesterday’s result happen.

There was nothing left on the table either, he wanted that win as much and maybe more than the next guy.

So congrats man on yet another win, another trophy for the mantle piece and another reminder of why you’re the world’s best. If you’re chilling today, you’ve earned it!


By the way, you can give Graham your vote for Rider of the Year 2016 by clicking on the voting form at the top (or right) of your screen.)




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