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Event organisers in collaboration with RideXpower and Orange BH have announced details of both a bike rental service and bike transport service for the Red Bull Minas Riders in Brazil.

Both companies are offering 2017 and 2016 KTM and Husqvarna enduro bikes for rental, mainly 300 two strokes.

The bikes come ready to race. Professional mechanics will be on hand to do evening service on your bike at the end of each race day. 

They will also be waiting for you at each of the day’s designated service checkpoints.

Prices start from €1,980.


Transportation Service

The Red Bull Minas Riders organisers also offer a reliable professional motorcycle transportation service with an international forwarding company. For collection points and details: http://www.redbullminasriders.com/for-competitors/transportation-service/


Red Bull Minas Riders takes place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from May 17-21.


Rental Contact Details



Email: eve@ridexpower.com

Visit: RideXpower Website 


Orange BH KTM

Email: minasriders@orangebh.com.br

Visit: Orange BH Website


Event Information