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Photo Credit: Marcelo Maragni

Graham Jarvis got down to business on the first day in the Red Bull Minas Rider’s mountains to win the day and claim the overall lead.

A rider to count on when the going gets tough, Husqvarna’s Jarvis delivered the goods during a tough, wet and demanding Offroad Day 1.

Second after from the start line line after Cody Webb (KTM), Jarvis set about eating up that three minute gap. Within the first checkpoint, Jarvis was in front. 

But instead of producing his usual disappearing act, Webb hung tough and shadowed Jarvis right up until the midway 20 minute service point.

Refuelled and refreshed, Jarvis put the hammer down once more, began to drop Webb and looked like he was on course for a clear victory.

But despite his lack of GPS navigating experience, Webb refused to give in and reeled Jarvis back in. Passing him on the final heavy section before the finish line, he enjoyed a token “first man to finish”, indicating to everyone he’s not in Brazil to simply make up the numbers.

“Starting first I knew Graham and Alfredo were pushing hard to chase me down, so I had to ride hard to react,” told Webb. “Graham caught me and we rode together a lot and I just passed him towards the end. 

“But it’s been good. I needed to match their pace if I want to be in with a shot of the podium and I managed to do that today.

Top honours however went to Jarvis on corrected time to give him the overall lead in the race.

alfredo gomez red bull minas riders 2017 enduro 1200

Photo Credit: Marcelo Maragni

“The heavy sections just kept coming and coming in the afternoon,” said Jarvis. “The trails were so slippery in places that it was quite demanding requiring  a lot of focus and concentration. That was really tiring. 

“Coming into the last section I had the lead over Cody but then he got me to cross the finish line first. But on corrected time the overall lead should be mine. There’s still a long way to go and the guys are riding really well — we’re in for a close race.”

While Jarvis and Webb led out front, Alfredo Gomez didn’t have such a good day. Suffering crash after crash he re-injured his shoulder and lost some serious ground on the leaders.

“It’s not been the best of days for me,” confirmed Gomez. “I just made so many mistakes and crashed way too many times. I never seemed to get comfortable on the bike. 

“A few weeks ago in training I hurt my shoulder and then today I hurt it again so most of the day was a tough struggle. When I arrived to a hard section I couldn't push right and the mistakes came. All I can do it just shake it off and try again tomorrow.”

Battling his way through the conditions, Philipp Scholz (KTM) finished 13 minutes behind Gomez for fourth overall.

Paul Bolton (KTM) completed the top five with Pol Tarres (Beta) ended his day in sixth.



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