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Sticking it on the top step of the podium, Wade Young scored big at the Extreme XL Lagares this weekend.

On a course that traditionally favours the trials guys, Young matched their pace and then raised it some more to pull off the win.

Having literally caught his breathe, it was was time to find out just how he did it…

Congrats Wade, a debut third in 2016 and now the top step of the podium, you’ve got to be pumped with the win?

Wade Young: “It’s unbelievable, I honestly didn’t quite expect to win here. Normally with this kind of riding the trials guys like Mario and Alfredo are just so good on this terrain and it’s hard to match them. This win feels pretty special.”

How did your race go?

“I sort of just went with the feel. I didn’t have a game plan and was just taking things minute-by-minute, seeing how things go. I got a decent start but didn’t want to push too hard. I was about second behind Alfredo. Actually I’m not sure how I got into the lead. The guys around me made a few mistakes in the riverbeds and then suddenly I was leading.”



The top three guys of Mario, Alfredo and you were setting one heck of a pace, how did you see it?

“I just rode my own race at the beginning and got into the groove. Then when Mario and Alfredo came past I was like 'shit'. They were on a mission and I didn’t know if I could hang that pace. I was pushing hard and stuck with them. Once I knew the track and where I was going I just seemed to be able to step it up again. I really put the pace down on the last lap and I don’t think I made any mistakes.”

When Mario got in front he tried to breakaway but you seemed to be able to match his pace?

“He was on a mission and really stepping up the pace. Mario (and Alfredo) know the area so well so I was just trying to follow the lines and stick with him. I was keeping about 200m behind in his dust until he drowned his bike or something and dropped out.”

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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Like you mentioned, this was a trials guy’s race, but you’re not a trials guy. It’s brutal out there in places, how are you getting it done?

“Lagares is such a tough race and it does favour people with a trials background but I don’t have the trials skills. I do feel like I can do everything I need to do though. I can get up the rocks, climb the hills and make it work for me.”

With just a couple of weeks to go until Erzberg, winning here must be a good confidence boost?

“Those guys are some of the best in the world so to be on the top step with such a talented bunch of riders is pretty damn cool. Winning here is a big confidence boost heading towards Erzberg.”



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