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Photo Credit:  Piotr Staron/Sportainment

David Cyprian led home a field of 300 riders for victory in the Polish Beskid Hero hard enduro.

Three hundred riders, hellish steep hills, treacherous stones and rushing streams, all in the beautiful scenery of Mount Zar. Madness? This is Hard Enduro. Almost a hundred kilometres of murderous trails located on the slopes of the Beskid Maly last weekend verified the skills of the riders who took part in Beskid Hero - the first Hard Enduro competition in the Polish mountains. 

It was almost sure from the very beginning of the Expert class that the fight for the first trophy of Beskid Hero would take place between three riders: Maciej Loboz, Sebastian Krywult and David Cyprian from Czech Republic. During the prologue David had the best time and he did not intend to stop there.

The most difficult test waited for the riders on Saturday. The loop was 20 kilometres long and to complete the rally riders had to do three laps, not forgetting to check in at the checkpoints. 

The long and steep drives up the hills made many of the riders need help getting the bike up. The titanic effort put in to get to the top of the mountain made the next part of the route with treacherous rocks and rushing streams a challenge. The leader after second day was still the same – David Cyprian.

The second at the finish line of Saturday's race in the Expert class was multiple Polish Champion in Enduro rallies and Enduro European Champion Sebastian Krywult. Maciej Loboz completed the first three. 


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Photo Credit:  Piotr Staron/Sportainment

On the third day of the race, where riders competed in bit different terrain and had to do three laps for 10 kilometres, the unstoppable top three crossed the finish line almost in the same order accompanied by Martin Volny (Czech Republic). Cyprian's third triumph only confirmed his top form and guaranteed victory in the Expert class.

“The prologue was good. I liked second day very much because it was really hard and today was fast. I'm glad I won and I'm looking forward to next year's edition,” commented David Cyprian.

After verifying the results of all races the winners were: Maciej Kus (Poland, Hobby) and Maciej Juraszek (Poland, Hobby Masters), David Cyprian (Czech Republic, Expert) and Zdenek Cyprian (Expert Masters). 

The first Hard Enduro in Polish mountains is now the history. Nearly 300 riders from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia, Ukraine and Austria fought hard for the first title in Beskid Hero history. 

Despite the fact that many of them did not finish required distance, they struggled to the very end, beating their own weaknesses. Spectators who appeared every day, spontaneously cheering on athletes and supporting their heroic efforts on the trails, made the Beskid Hero an amazing event.



Reporting: Dominika Jochymska 


BESKID HERO 2-4 June 2017


1. David Cyprián
2. Sebastian Krywult
3. Maciek Loboz
4. Martin Volny
5. Mateusz Kukuczka

Expert Masters
1. Zdenek Cyprián
2. Tomasz Lazarz
3. Robert Rozpedowski
4. Jaroslaw Michalec
5. Grzegorz Franek

1. Maciej Kus
2. Adam Podgorski
3. Kacper Dudzic
4. Ireneusz Laciak
5. Dariusz Gebala

Hobby Masters

1. Maciej Juraszek
2. Marcin Lenartowicz
3. Jacek Wachała
4. Krzysztof Lenik
5. Marcin Kozłowski


Full results of the competition are available at: