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The Spanish Gordexola Extreme enduro return for 2017 and takes place from June 30-July 2.

Friday 30th of June

The technical and administrative verifications will take place this day from 16:00 until 20:00 at the centre of the town. After them at 21:00 we have the night race in a grass field next to the town centre (same place that has been used the past years). The public will be located around the track as usual. 

The night race is a super-enduro style track on a grass field where riders have to face artificial obstacles.  The riders go in heats of 5 riders with a motocross style start. The riders will start from highest dorsal number to lowest.  After every rider has done the night race there will be a trophy giving ceremony for the winners.  

Saturday 1st of July

The extreme race will start at 9:00 and riders will start in groups of three each minute following the classification from the night race. Here the track is an extreme enduro race where riders will have to complete 3 laps of 60km. The track goes fast in to the forest around the town with some of the most famous uphills as “La losa (the slab)”, “La Pota (the throw up) or “El tendido (the wire)” and some new technical parts. 

The track is hard to complete and physically tough and the bikes will get a good doses of throwing flips and overheating. The race will close at 17:00. In the afternoon we will have a trophy giving ceremony for the winners of the race.

Sunday 2nd of July

The extreme super-final will start at 10:00 this time rider by rider separated by 30 seconds. The finishers from Saturday will take part in this race. Here we have set up and extreme enduro track of 60 km where the riders will have to complete 2 laps, the track will be similar to the one of the Saturday but with much more technical parts and much more exigent. 

The track has a lot of new parts and it will include no help zones, it’s a very technical track and with nearly no resting zones so it will test the riders to their limits. The track will also go pass some of the most famous uphills as “Los Eucaliptos (The eucalyptus)”, “Emon Gas”, “La obeja (the sheep)” “El rayo (the lighting) or “La soga (The rope)”.  The race will finish in the famous final of “Beraskola” where the riders will complete the last bits of the track with the heat of the people at the sides of the track. The race will close at 13:00 and just after it the trophy giving ceremony will take place at the finish line.

How to take part

The inscriptions are available already at a cost of 160€ until the 23rd of June.

For more info of the race we have set up a Facebook page:

Gordexola Xtreme 2017 https://www.facebook.com/Gordexola-Xtreme-2017-550987088431898/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

And also for information about how to get your inscription formalised we have the Motoclub Aiala webpage:



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