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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Graham Jarvis uses his experience to win a tough second day of racing at the 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs.

After the ups and downs of the opening day in the mountains, the difficutly of the 14th edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs stepped up a notch for Off Road Day Two where a really tough day was waiting for them today, especially with ‘Holy Rock’ in the morning and ‘The Impossible’ after the service point.

Like yesterday, Graham Jarvis and Paul Bolton pulled some of the best times during the morning, with Jonny Walker breathing fire down their necks. All crashing and recovering several times, they made it through hard and technical sections with lots of encouragement from the enthusiastic locals and fans.

Jarvis, Walker, Bolton and Roman kept swapping positions all the way to finish but it was Jarvis who came out on top, finishing the day in first place.

“Jonny and I left the service point together,” told Jarvis. “I was pushing and Jonny seemed to back off a bit. There were some hard bits, Jonny had to have a couple of attempts at a slippery hill, which I nailed the first time.

"It was my chance to gap him a little, hopefully it's enough to win the day. It was fast today and my body is tired!”

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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Bolton had also continued his performance from day one, but this time without any mistakes and was awarded with second place - finishing just seconds behind Jarvis.

“I really enjoyed the day,” told Bolton. “I rode my own race. There were some really gnarly downhills, you don’t want to let go of your bike because it will cartwheel down into the forest.

"I got past Jonny and Mario and then it was a game of cat and mouse. It's my tenth year at Red Bull Romaniacs so I use my experience and if you look at Graham you can see that too, he’s just smokin’ it.”

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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Backing up his day one result of second with third overall on day two, Mario Roman - Sherco's lone rider - now provisionally maintains his overall position of second in the race.

“In the afternoon I had good rhythm,” told Roman. “There weren’t so many steep sections except at the end where I passed Jonny on one the uphills. Some of the downhills before the service were such a surprise, you come to them and if you crash, you die, but it's extreme enduro!”

Despite their experience, most Gold class riders were in shock about the severity of some of the sections. Their riding times being only seconds apart, show that this is the level that the world's top riders are now competing at. After hurting his hand after a crash before the service, Walker still fought to a brave fourth place.

“I rode fast during the morning but lost all my speed this afternoon,” admitted Walker. “I thought I had the lead going into the service but I had such a bad crash minutes before it and hurt my hand.

"Leaving the service, I tried to ride with Graham but I couldn’t. He was too fast and I couldn’t grip my handlebars so the front and rear end of the bike were sliding out and I couldn’t push. I just hope I'll be able to ride tomorrow because of my hand.”

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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

The Silver class also received a severe welcome to Romania, with an early section named ‘Vodka Red Bull’, while the Bronze and Iron class had an opportunity to get into their groove.

In the Silver class, the training to forge the next row of elite extreme enduro riders started in the morning. For them it was a tough day with only one fast section, the rest was brutally technical.

The experienced Romanian Mani Gyenes, who is riding his 14th Red Bull Romaniacs, crossed the Silver finish line first today.

“It was a good day but harder than yesterday,” told Gyenes. “There were lots of hills and wet grass. I am in a good shape and hope I can keep the pace on the third day, the toughest day. I don't think I can fight for the overall win but I will try to keep the podium."


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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

This is possibly due to one of the young guns, hot on his tail, Bruno Crivilin from Brazil, who finished first on Offroad Day One. He clearly has the extreme enduro bug and is adapting fast to the Romanian tracks.

There were three Romanian riders in the top ten of the silver class today giving a good national representation. Sergiu Grecu also keeps pushing for a place, or even the top of the podium in the Bronze class. The Romanian rider delivered his second day win today.

The Iron class riders were also led to believe that the track managers had mercy and presented them with a nice, enjoyable day of riding. Then, just after the Service Point, the ‘Bronze and Iron class challenge’ was waiting for them. A three-kilometer uphill massacre. The impressions they gave as they arrived at the finish were priceless.

At the end of the day, even for the Iron class, it is still the Red Bull Romaniacs and no backyard enduro. This remained to be the reality for the two “Bomber class” riders.

KTM Adventure 1090 rider Quinn Cody and Touratech BMW rider Gerhard Forster bravely piloted their big bikes through the Romanian forest, tipped over a few times but continued flying past struggling Iron and Bronze class riders. Forster placed seventh and Cody 11th, with only six minutes between them.


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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media