Quinn Wentzel drove home the win at the Battle of the Goats Extreme Enduro July 29th, at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park in Taylorsville, Tennessee.

Wentzel, aboard a 2017 300cc, Beaver Creek Cycle/Husqvarna sponsored 2-stroke, completed two laps of the 20 mile course in the four hours required to finish the race with an eight-minute lead on second place Sherco Factory rider, Nick Fahringer.

The race, hosted by promotor, Tyler Mull, in its second year has shaped up to be the thing extreme riders dream of.

Mountainous terrain, single track, extreme log-ridden uphills and downhills, some slimy red dirt (or mud) and just enough rocks to make it interesting. 

The race is a little different than the typical "knock-out" elimination races, in that it runs a straight four hours for the pros — five hours for the amateurs — and the riders need to complete the required amount of laps to finish.

Wentzel started out strong with a good start off the second row, reaching the first extreme hill about one-quarter of a mile into the course.

Nick Fahringer and Jason Thomas, leading the XC3 class, had already made their way up the hill and were out of sight when Wentzel got to the top of the hill. 


He was passed on the hill by two riders that started in row two with him. He passed those two riders back on the Endurocross course about 2 miles into the track and started closing in on catching Thomas and Fahringer. 

He caught Thomas at a difficult section of the course and passed him, leaving Fahringer the only obstacle in his way.

A little less than half way through the first lap, at the eight mile mark, Fahringer was having a difficult time negotiating a hill and Wentzel overtook him, passed him and was out in front, leading at the end of the first lap by 25 minutes.

The second lap proved a bit more difficult for Wentzel due to lapped riders impeding his forward movement and proved to slightly diminish his lead time.

He continued to ride as smart as he could, navigating the course, maintaining his stamina and finishing strong for the win. 

Second place went to Fahringer and  Jeremiah Burkhart, a privateer and Hare Scramble racer rounded out the podium with his well-deserved third place finish. 

Out of 100 riders, less than 20 finished and only five riders completed the required two laps in Pro Class.

This race is going to take it's place as one of the elite supreme extreme enduros in the eastern United States in the upcoming years — it's already proving to be the challenge that these riders are looking for. 




Reporting by Dirt Zone Online