Photo credit: Niki Peer

Germany's Philipp Scholz has won the 2017 Lika Extreme Enduro in Croatia.

The fifth edition of the Lika Extreme Enduro, or 'Land of the Wolf 5' was held in the small village of Kunovac Kupirovački in Croatia. Covering three days of riding, the extreme event isn't as tough as other hard enduros but still offers a good challenge to all those who ride it. A fun weekend for extreme enduro fans.

Scholz, an ex-trails rider has been riding extreme enduro for the past six years. He recently placed ninth at the 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs. After a four-week break after Romaniacs, Scholz headed down to Croatia to take part in the Lika.

The trip was definitely worth it - Scholz took the win from second placed Matija Zec with Philipp Bertl taking third.


Photo credit: Niki Peer

"The anticipation of getting back on the bike after Romaniacs was great," told Scholz. "Riders had two goes at the Prologue on Saturday and I came out of it with the fastest time. This gave me pole position for Sunday's race. The main race was not too bad, there were no sections where you had to get off the bike to push. Everything was going well and I was enjoying the race. The only problem I had was that I ran out of water, luckily a few of the checkpoints had water on offer so I managed to keep going.

"I lead from start to finish and really enjoyed myself. It was definitely worth making the trip. It was such a good event, made even better by being able to stand on top of the podium."


Photo credit: Niki Peer


1. Philipp Scholz
2. Matija Zec
3. Philipp Bertl