hard enduro series germany 2018 MG 2121

Photo Credit: Denis Gunther/DG Design

For 2018, Germany will host a brand-new championship for hard enduro billed the HardEnduroSeries Germany.

In the first season up to five rounds will be held with round one planned for April 2018, instead of the Weasel-X in Frankenberg. 

An exact date, as well as the other venues will be announced before the new year with the series presentation launch taking place in January 2018. 

The official website www.hardenduro-germany.de which is currently under construction, the registration will be opened in January. 

For €30.00 each interested participant can register, only series starters are rewarded with points, which are awarded from place 1 - 20. 

The best riders will be paid prize money and with cooperation of the Getzenrodeo e.V. the champion will receive a wild card for the Getzenrodeo 2018. 

Matthias Schubert: “Unfortunately, we can not participate in the series as the organiser of a race. The Getzenrodeo has now become a major international place. With the wildcard, we still want to do something for the series.”

However, no rider will go empty. DG Design will sponsor a photo packet worth €45.00 for all registered riders.

For the series, a large media package has already been formed and for each round there will be an event video and media coverage in German Enduro Magazine. 

The Event Organiser says: “With the HardEnduroSeries Germany we want to offer a series for the German hard enduro riders. Currently riders travel long distances to the other countries. We also want to focus on promotion and public relations — the series will offer new standards in Endurosport in Germany.”