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With a lot of the big names missing Sea to Sky in 2016, most of them are now hungrier than ever for a win on the Turkish Riviera - Graham Jarvis is no exception.

Red Bull Sea to Sky kicks off tomorrow, 28 September, with the Beach Race, the first of three races that make up the event.

We caught up with hard enduro legend, Graham Jarvis to ask him what his thoughts are on the race they call ‘the most enjoyable hard enduro’.

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

So Graham, you won Sea to Sky two years ago, I’m guessing you would like to win it again?

Graham Jarvis: “Yeah it’s a good race, I always enjoy it here and I must be in with a chance of winning.”

Of the three races, which one stands out as your favourite?

Jarvis: “The Mountain Race is the most important, the others just decide your start position for the next race. The Mountain Race is the one everyone wants to win."

You always have a tendency to start off quite slow before making your way to the front, is that your plan for the race?

Jarvis: “Well because it’s such a short race you have to push pretty much from the start, you can’t afford to back off at all. The race is normally won right at the top where things get more difficult but you need to be up there to have a chance of winning.”

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

How does it feel to get to the top and to know you have won?

Jarvis: “Well, it’s amazing. It’s great to be able to just get to the top, but to finish and know you’ve won is the best feeling in the world. The whole week is great fun, but to take the win makes it that little bit more special.”

Thanks Graham, good luck for the race.

The Red Bull Sea to Sky runs from the 28 - 30 September and consists of three races - Beach, Forest and Mountain.

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media




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