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For many the Red Bull Sea to Sky wouldn’t be possible with Giovanni. He’s the man responsible for prepping up to 15 competitor’s bikes each day, and helping many, many more.

Kemer born and raised, Giovanni is more well-known within the hard enduro paddock than some of the top riders.

Having initially started out helping a few mates compete when Sea to Sky first began, his assistance level has grown and grown — he’s a man in demand.

“This is my home race, I live in Kemer, my bike shop is here so this race is very special and important to me,” tells Gio.

“I started out by helping a couple of friends compete a few years ago and then as I got to know more and more of the riders I suddenly needed a bigger tent!”

For 2017, Gio together with a few of his close friends are preparing the bikes for 15 riders, but as Gio explains that’s only a rough number…

“This year I’ve got 15 bikes to look after, but sometimes that number grows when a rider comes to me in need of help. We don’t want to see anyone stuck so we do our best.

“It’s a long way for people to come here and race, so it’s important for them, who use it as a holiday too, to have time between races to swim in the sea and sit at the beach. We prepare the bike, they prepare themselves!”

With plans afoot, Gio is also keen to grow his venture.

“I want to provide this service at more races next year. 

“My plan is to take a van with bikes to some of the big hard enduro races and support the Turkish riders, but like here we can always try to help a few more riders too.”



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