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Photo Credit: Robert Lynn/Future7Media

Mario Roman was the rider to beat at the ninth edition of the Ukupacha Extreme Enduro in Ecuador, dominating the two-day event to take the win.

Comfortably topping the podium, Roman was joined in the winner's enclosure by runner-up Manuel Lettenbichler and Kyle Redmond.

The ninth edition of Ecuador’s Ukupacha was a success due to a revised format of racing that was well received by all.

Riders started on Saturday with a extreme hare scramble. Deciding the starting order for Sunday’s main event, the extreme hare scramble was a combination of endurocross sections, fast open trails, plus one hard enduro section in a four-kilometre loop.

Riders had to do two hot laps, half an hour semifinal and half an hour final.  

At the end it was Mario Roman who took the win from Manuel Lettenbichler and Kyle Redmond in third.

Sunday's Main Event

For Sunday’s main event, the extreme class (where pro riders had to race) had to do two laps.  The first lap was 28 km length and the second was shorter at 18 km, giving a total distance of 46 km race.  

Continuing on his pace from the previous day, Mario Roman remained the rider to beat

Blitzing the course in just two hours and 32 minutes, he eased his way to a very comfortable win.

Chasing him home for second, albeit 15 minutes adrift, was Manuel Lettenbichler.

The last rider on the podium was Kyle Redmond, who battled almost all race with Mexico´s Didier Goirand for the last spot inside the top three.

Ecuadorian Jorge Lopez was the best local rider, although he didn’t finish the two laps on time.

Only four riders completed the two-lap race within the allotted five hours.

Organisers were thrilled to keep growing South American hard enduro with this event, which is the oldest and most extreme of them all and hope to have more pro riders next year since everything is just taking the right place.


Photo Gallery: Mateo Isch Photography


Overall Results

1st.  Mario Roman (Sherco)

2nd.  Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM)

3rd.  Kyle Redmond (Husqvarna)

Latin American Hard Enduro Podiums

Junior Class (-22)

1st.  Didier Goirand  MEXICO

2nd.  Jorge Lopez  ECUADOR

3rd.  Dennis Escobar  ECUADOR

Open Class

1st.  Felipe Brinkmann  ECUADOR

2nd.  Danny Jacome  ECUADOR

3rd.  Johan Rios  COLOMBIA

Master Class (+35)

1st.  Bernardo Roldan  ECUADOR

2nd.  Israel Borrel  PERU

3rd.  Jorge Nicolalde  ECUADOR