Often the racing world has a short term memory. Due to the nature of the adrenaline filled, high-octane environment we live in, we get caught up in the here and now of it all. 

For that reason I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to many when I remind you that Mario Roman was the second ever Youth Cup 125cc World Enduro Champion. 

You see he's more than just a world class extreme guy, he's quite capable of twisting the throttle hard between the timing beams too. 

A high-class jack of all trades if you wish. He’s a rider who’s lived, loved, laughed and toughed out all the aspects of professional racing that this beautiful, but sometimes fragile, sport of ours can deliver. 

From humble beginnings in trials, to the top of the podium in world enduro, then rock bottom in both world and extreme enduro, before climbing back up onto the podium in extreme, Mario Roman is definitively enduro’s journeyman...




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Gez Morrison
Staff Writer