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Dates for the all-new 2018 HardEnduroSeries in Germany have been released.

The series will get underway in April for rounds one and two, before taking in a summer break to allow for the major international races then signing off in August and September.

Unlike originally planned, the start will not be able to take place in the Weasel-X. This run is coming into the summer, the date is still open and will be announced later. 

All fixed for the four other events, all are held in the middle of Germany. 

The start will take place on 21st April 2018 in Crimmitschau. Toni Pampel, himself a starter at the Erzberg and other extreme events in Germany, will conjure up a challenging course in the gravel pit. 

Also for heavy events Neuhaus - Schierschnitz is known. When Thomas Sünkel heard of the idea of HardEnduroSeries Germany, he was immediately hooked and wanted to be the organizer with MC Isolator. 

Just one week after the kick-off on 28 April 2018, the second round will be held in South Thuringia. 

After a long summer break, which all extreme enduro riders like to use for the Erzbergrodeo, it continues on 18th August in Neugattersleben. The ESX will be adjusted in the claim and will be worthy of a series run. 

The ultimate final and toughest race of the year is rising at SHC Meltewitz. For its 10th anniversary, the MelzExdrähm becomes the highlight of the season on 16th September. 

The series presentation will take place at the SachsenKrad Dresden from 12/14 January 2018 in the EnduroBase3 at the booth of Enduro.de. 

The registration for the series will be possible from 1st January2018 on www.hardenduro-germany.de


2018 hardenduroseries germany

2018 HardEnduroSeries Germany 

Round 1: 21 April — Crimmitschau 

Round 2: 28 April — FEDERAL-MOGUL Extreme Enduro Neuhaus-Schierschnitz 

Round 3: 18 August — ESX Neugattersleben 

Round 4: 16 September — Melz Exdrähm / Meltewitz